Iraq: How bad can things get?

Interesting piece by Paul Wood.

Just how bad are things in Iraq? This week alone has seen hundreds of deaths, suicide bombings, beheadings, yet more people kidnapped.
When I visited Basra exactly one year ago it was safe enough to stay in town on our own.

This time, we wouldn't dream of doing that. The chances of being kidnapped are too great.

British troops are on high alert as they patrol Basra now
It's true there have been some real, solid achievements over the past year.

There aren't petrol queues, or petrol riots, in Basra any more.

The electricity is on for longer. And oil exports from the south are up to 2.9 million barrels a day.

But here are some other statistics. Last month, the British Army fired 100,000 rounds of ammunition in southern Iraq.

The base in al-Ammara sustained more than 400 direct mortar hits.

The British battalion there counted some 853 separate attacks of different kinds: mortars, roadside bombs, rockets and machine-gun fire.

No British regiment has had such intense "contact", as they call it, since Korea.
It's not all doom and gloom , but it's not exactly happy reading either. :cry:
I hope this bunch of idiots in power have read this, but given their arrogance I highly doubt it.

I hope he's happy about what he's lead us into- probably is knowing his arrogance.

So where to next Oh Great Leader :roll:
According to the un arent we all war criminals now ? hope so rather watch cable in a cushy cell than spend 2 weeks in otterburn :lol:
guess it wont be over by x mas
Have to admit, this article makes me laugh.

1. The Brits are doing a great job in Basra...but Bush gets credit!
2. The guy training the Iraqis says it goes in 1 ear and out the other. Has he ever worked at an ATR?
3. Smuggling "female" sheep? Best not go there.
4. "Every British unit rotated through N Ireland". Well at leats a yank accepts that terrorism in the world didn't start on Sep 11.
5. And some US acknowledgement that us Brits are good at a bit of restraint. Unfortunately the Yanks seem to continually think they are starring in Black Hawk Down.

Nice find hackle.
Good article didnt point out that patroling in non armoured vechicles cos we got no alternative :) .Having to practisce restraint must have been really hard on the blokes out there since the milltants deserve everthing they get .

Mr Happy

yellowbelly said:
5. And some US acknowledgement that us Brits are good at a bit of restraint.
Personally I was quite pleased to see that they've even acknowledged the British are there....

Speaking of which,

Did anyone else see the John Kerry PP Broadcast/advertisement in Iraq only featured Britfor fighting, no pictures of US Soldiers 'in country'. Makes you proud you're doing your bit for The Democrats.
Look, the damage has been done. What's the point of pissing and moaning about the situation which we're partially in because of human rights groups. The process in Iraq has been slowed by all the bureaucractic bullshit created by human rights groups like Amnesty International and the UN. People like Sadr need to be destroyed.

Who knows, maybe we should just start taking arabs hostage and instead of killing them, publicly broadcasting a live video feed of them being tortured until these militants piss off.

I remember in Basra, 'back in the day', when a Royal Marine stood on top of a vehicle and drew his pistol on someone trying to run off with something that obviously wasn't his. People cheered the fact that laws were being enforced, not only in my house but Iraqi's that witnessed the incident.

All the people back home see are people crying and screaming in a language that the majority do not understand and the media say they're screaming about hating us all and wanting to kill us. The majority of Iraqi's support the downfall of Saddam and in the beginning, supported us too. The yanks need to get their shit together and work out how to fight a hearts and minds campaign. The Aussies did very well at it during Vietnam, and no-one knows how to fight a street battle than you lot with all your experience 'over the water'.

I mean really, its got to a point where we're just digging the hole deeper by letting this shit drag on. Deny the media access and kill these bastards.
SMiller said:
. Deny the media access and kill these bastards.
It's already happening in Al Amarah and Basra and it's counter-productive. The media, like it or not, is a vital part of the democratic process. I doubt footage of Britforce kicking some militia arrse would go down badly at the moment, given the opposition's butchery of civilian hostages. The public likes payback too. It's the vote-fearful politicians who've given orders to restrict media access because they're worried about upsetting the Muslim vote in the UK.

As someone said a couple of weeks ago, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists at the moment seem to be Muslims. We should be in among them, giving them the good news, every time they attack our patrols or bases. And we should publicise the fact. Arabs respect only strength. Anything short of a show of force is regarded as weakness.
from the comments within, i must admit, that the news only want to portray 'their news'
shame that people over here don't want to see whats happening blow by blow, but are getting sidetracked by other issue's.
not having a dig at anyone, but who said' today is a good time to bury bad news?'
claymore said:
Arabs respect only strength.
Absolutely. It's the only way anything got done in the past and it's the only way things will get done a long way into the future.

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