Iraq go now or stay a bit longer ?

Iraq Stay or Leave ?

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this question is more directed to those, who have served in Iraq and can say with some authority, whether we should stay or go ?

i have included a poll, obviously i have no control over who votes inthe poll, but i hope those have never served in Iraq will refrain from voting to get a clear picture, other than media inspired drivel.
I did telic 3 when they still liked us :) .It seems to have gone down hill since then .Packing up seems to be a good idea .If take off and nuke it from orbit isnt an option :twisted: .The armed forces have trieded there best but the plan was bollocks to begin with
let the iranians sort it out .
I was of the previous opinion that once we were committed we should stay and see it through. However, from what I am seeing in the media I feel we are doing ourselves more harm than good by remaining there.

We have removed a dictator which many Iraqis will be thankful for. However, their culture and methods of running the country are at odds with ours and we cannot impose a western way of thinking upon them. This coupled with bad press has ensured we are now becoming as hated as the septics.

I think we should leave now before one more soldiers life is pointlessly wasted - all for a government who couldnt give a about them.
It is important now to hold our nerve, we are getting close to some more success, cutting and running now would ruin all the hard work. A phased drawdown is certainly the best way fwd for all both UK,US and IQ.


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I'm with Rennug 100%. We are very,very close to success in many regions - we mustn't lose our nerve now.
Thanks for the support - someone else who knows his onions! pay now and reap the big rewards later as we learnt after Desert Storm
It would have been hypocritical of me to vote for staying. I didn't agree with going in the first place, obviously i never said so and promptly packed my sunglasses, but I'm kind of sticking to principals. I wouldn't want to take anything away from the good work thats been done by all but I stand fast on my vote.
With the benefit of hind sight do you still believe that we should have left the couldren (sic) to continue to boil? I agree it is a long haul but worth it in the long run.
Where are we close to sucess? The police are corrupt and ineffectual no change from o3 .The insurgency continues .The oil isnt running at any where like post war levels .Still queing for petrol .Its been a disaster .
Was the cauldron actually boiling in the first place Rennug? I thought we went in because Saddam had WMD's either available, or close to being available.
Its clear that we have ourselves in a bit of a fudge, the fact remains that we went in, in the first place (be it right or wrong) and we owe it too the Iraqi people to complete on our promises. I was there during Telic 5 and despite my initial scepticism when war was initiated, I still believe that we did the right thing. It would appear that if we were to go now, not only would we undo all the good that has been done, but we risk jeopardising the whole fabric of the region and handing a victory over to the likes of the Mhadhi Army and al-Qaeda (Iraq)
PartTimePongo said:
I thought we went in because Saddam had WMD's either available, or close to being available.

And the cheque is in the post
- of course I'll still respect you in the morning
- Telic medals take only 3 months to be issued
- the military don't keep stats on the wounded in Iraq
- wounded TA personnel get the best possible treatment
- (cont on p.94)
Indeed Viro.

The long and short of it is - We broke it (or broke it some more), we have a moral and practical duty to stay until we at least fix it
We must be careful not to be too critical of the government. Who'd have though that a little thing like failing to have an exit strategy of any sort could cause so much trouble?


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woody said:
Where are we close to sucess? The police are corrupt and ineffectual no change from o3 .The insurgency continues .The oil isnt running at any where like post war levels .Still queing for petrol .Its been a disaster .
A classic case of - Don't believe all you read in the 'papers. The Police are infinitely better than they were two years ago, let alone under Saddam. Insurgency continues - but not where we are. Petrol? Not nearly as many queues as there used to be. Why? Because the price went up - and it will go up again - a lot - this year. Even the locals realise that they can't buy petrol for less than it costs to produce and deliver. Oil running? Well, if they stopped blowing up the pipelines and killing tanker drivers, it would move faster. But that's not the case in the SE, here it's down to local greed if anything.

Bottom line - things are getting, slowly, better. Three steps forward, two back, but it DOES improve.
I am with Benobo who put it very eliquently, having recently returned from Iraq there is progress but Rome was not built in a day. We are still much to short term in our view.
Guess the police were not good enough to arrest them 2yrs ago :twisted: . "how do you ask someone to die for a mistake?" springs to mind with iraq now adays sooner we get out the better imho.
OldSnowy said:
Insurgency continues - but not where we are.
Did I read that right?

Not where we are?

I have gone for the stay option. I was there on T6 and yeah, it was getting better, but like OS says, 2, (at least) steps back.... Untill we can be certain we aren't going to hand power to new bunch of murderous thugs then we have an obligation to the Iraqi ppl to finish what Uncle George and Cousin Tony started. But thats the rub isnt it - if we wait for the time when the power will go to a moderate, democratically elected, just and non-corrupt body that has world-wide accountability and backing, we'll be there a hell of a long time.....

Can we as Armed forces and more importantly, as a country, wait that long - we NEED to, but can we?............


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