Iraq - Gallipoli -Style Enquiry?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fred_Cat, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone hear David Owen and Lord Inge speaking in the House of Lords last week?

    Owen's proposition was that a major enquiry should be held into the whole Iraq business, following the approach of the Dardenelles Enquiry, (No holds barred, serving officers and soldiers to give evidence, evidence given in private) in order to establish what happened before during and after the war and learn the lessons arising. Sounds sensible if this is the shape of UK military operations for the next few decades.

    Lord Inge in the same debate pointed out that there was no War Cabinet and asked the Defence Minister why. He ponted out that this would provide a forum for senior officers to provide advice direct to cabinet members.

    Once again an incredibly sensible suggestion. Inevitably both points fell on deaf ears.
  2. Fred, can you define how this is a 'sensible' suggestion when the evidence in recent times is that senior officers do what they're damn well told by the Politicos?

    Isn't this the same Lord Inge who was in the chair during the rundown of British Forces post-Granby? Is this not the same Lord Inge who sat on the Butler Inquiry?

    Whilst not wishing to poo-poo this statement by Lord Inge, and acknowledging I may not fully understand his thought processes over this suggestion, I would question his motives for moving Senior Officers 'closer' to Government in this way.
  3. Harsh but fair PTP! I guess I really ought to go and take another cynicsm tablet. There was I thinking there there was still hope for cabinet government in the UK. However, I doubt if cabinet minsters ever look at Iraq / Afghanistan as a cabinet. High time they did. Who knows, the odd penny may drop. The feature of the Dardenelles Enquiry is that evidence was not just given by the chain of command, so was very much warts and all.
  4. Just looked at it on Hansard, far too much to take in on sunday afternoon..
  5. The rules on inquiries have now been fixed by the snout-troughs s- Inquiries Act 2005 - so they can decide whether or not an inquiry is required, the format of an inquiry, whether the findings should be released etc.

    The only inquiry that would work is one with teeth ie. that could compel attendance and that heard evidence on oath so as to punish perjury.

    I think an inquiry is possible after the Dear Leader has been removed, in order to draw a line under Iraq/Afghanistan by pointing the finger squarely at the deranged one and his immediate circle. This way, Broon etc will be able to claim that it is nothing to do with them anymore, despite the fact that they were "shoulder to shoulder" with the certified lunatic. A "night of the long knives" for the Blairites, so to speak.

    Alternatively, a select committee could establish its own inquiry...there are enough MPs out there with minds of their own or axes to grind, or both.