'Iraq full of thieves' - Kingos

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Oct 12, 2003.

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  1. One of the Sunday papers (Mail or Express), ran a story today by a reporter who has spent some time with 1 KINGS.

    One of the soldiers was quoted as saying that thieving and corruption was a way of life in Iraq - the Kingos must feel right at home, then. Either that or the reporter didn't actually leave their lines.
  2. Baghdad............twinned with Wallasey, Runcorn and Kirby (pronounced Keeeeeeerbee)

    Imagine the setting. Iraqi man enters local police station to report the theft of his hubcaps. When asked if he could describe the thief, the man says "About 5 ft 8 ins, average build, dark curly hair and '70s porn star moustache, wearing an Everton FC shell suit and trainers".

    "Do you remember anything else about him! asks the PC Ahmed.

    "Yes" says the man " He was very fit".

    "Fit? What do you mean fit?" enquires the policeman

    "Well I was travelling at 40 miles an hour when he knicked them" says the man.
  3. Not biting.
  4. liked the quote by the CO, something like:"Well its all inter-tribal war with this lot, so that's what we're doing and I've got the biggest tribe with the most money and best guns."
  5. Yeah fine, but are those your guns or did you nick them? Or are they guns which you have obtained through the 'never, never'? They probably got them on 'tick' and then f*cked off to Iraq without paying any of the installments. Scousers and Mancs........don't ya just hate 'em?
  6. Still not biting. Try harder.
  7. Fck me that would be funny if it wasn't so true. Great Universal and Littlewoods catalogue have an investigator out there now.

    I was with the kingos for a couple of years and they would pinch anything, even worse than the Irish Strangers
  8. OC KINGOS: "I've got the biggest tribe with the most money and best guns"

    Must be from Moss Side.
  9. Scouse Break Down Recovery :D

  10. msr

    msr LE

    Are you sure he's not just leafing that car?

  11. It's not just the wheels off your cars they'll have!



  12. Apparently back in the UK, they have an AGC clerk delegated as CSA clerk.

    Being a KINGO..........Its just like one big episode of the Royle Family/Brookside/Tarbies' Big Night In/CrimeStoppers.
  13. I heard that a massive bomb went off in Liverpool and caused millions of pounds worth of improvements ! :D
  14. The Kingos motto is once a kingsman, always a kingsman, a bit like the mafia really...

    What is it about these crime families? :D
  15. Whoever wrote these scandalous things had better watch out. We will hunt you down and burn you. Nuff said.