Iraq families in inquiry victory

The Family Lawyer said it was a stunning victory, I doubt very much it will get more victorious I hate to say..
Phil Shiner, isn't he the guy trying to get half of Kenya to say they were raped by dastardly British squaddies?

If so that puts a slightly different complexion on this. "When supping with the devil, use a long spoon".
Warrior_Poet said:
After the Kenya fiasco... Shiner should be charged with wasting Military Police Time... the ambulance chasing b*stard!
He's not an ambulance chaser, he phones the f*ck*rs up in the first place, having briefed the 'victims' as to what to say
It is possible that, once the Deranged Leader is no more, there may well be an inquiry to lay the blame firmly at his door and to disassociate the newly-rediscovered"Original" Labour party from the shoddy venture in order to stand more of a chance at the next election.

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