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Comparing the cost of war and domestic expenses

By Congressman John Murtha

07/13/06 --Information Clearing House - (Washington D.C.)- We are spending $8 billion a month in Iraq. That equates to $2 billion a week, or $267 million a day, or $11 million an hour.

The following are some comparisons between what we are spending in Iraq as we "stay the course" indefinitely and what those funds could be used for instead.

I've been fighting for our military to get out of Iraq because I'm concerned about the loss of our troops and the future of our military, and also because I believe they have accomplished their mission there and the Iraqis must resolve their internal conflict themselves. However, I also wanted to demonstrate what these expenses mean to domestic policy in the United States and give you an idea of just some of the things that we could accomplish with this amount of money.

$31.7 billion/yr Department of Homeland Security FY 07 budget(4 months in Iraq)
$10 billion (1-time) Equipping commercial airliners with defenses against shoulder-fired
(5 weeks in Iraq) missiles
$8.6 billion/7 years Shortage of international aid needed to rebuild Afghanistan
(one month in Iraq)
$5.2 billion (1-time) Estimated need for capital improvements to secure public transportation
(3 weeks in Iraq) system (trains, subways, buses)
$1.5 billion/year Radiation detectors needed at all US ports (rejected due to cost)
(5 days in Iraq)
$1.4 billion/ year Double the COPS (community police grants) program
(5 days in Iraq)
$700 million/year 100% screening of all air cargo - rejected because of
(2 days in Iraq) cost (1/4 of domestic shipping and 1/2 of international shipping is done on passenger planes)
$350 million (1-time) Make emergency radio systems interoperable (5 years after 9/11, this
(1.2 days in Iraq) hasn't happened yet)
$500 million/year Double the firefighters’ grant program (2 days in Iraq)


$36 billion/5 years reduction for Medicare spending in president's fiscal year 2007 (FY 07)
(4-1/2 months in Iraq) budget
$5 billion/5 years Cut in Medicaid in President's FY 2007 budget
(2-1/2 weeks in Iraq)
$2.5 billion/5 years VA health care premium increases in this year's budget. Premiums will
(9 days in Iraq) double or triple and drug co-payments will increase, costing our military
retirees $2.4 billion over 5 years
$100 million Additional funding recommended for mental health research for veterans
(9 hours in Iraq)

etc etc etc ............

Wonder what Bliar's War is costing us here in the UK ?
well at the moment, it's costing me any tolerence I once had, all my patience, my sence of humour and most, if not all, of my sanity!!!
morning from sunny Shaibiza :)
Ventress said:
So when he says 'we', he means the Spams.

Or all the money with been paying the Spams for 'helping' during WW2 :eek: :eek:
At the best the US is going to reduce the ammount of money it spend in Iraq. The administration is planning for a long stay, a very long stay, and perhaps one day they will tell the rest of th world just what their long term goal is.
Tone and Bruin will never let on whats their adventure is costing UK.
it would be interesting to find out, perhaps the national audit office would have the figures.
I for one would like to see just how much of my own and other tax payers hard earned is being spent to keep me here, getting fu**ed about constantly, in this sh1te hole!!!

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