Iraq contractor fraud

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. This as they say, could be very interesting. Queue DTI late nights and the rustle of Press Releases in preparation. The Times has just lifted the edge of the stone. I would ponder that such luminaries as Mark Thomas, is well aware of this. Interesting Times (article)!
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Surely the m,ere starting assumption is that the whole Iraqi reconstruction thing is riddled with rackets. You'd have to be bright green not to think otherwise.
  3. The spanks don't like it when they are found to be wanting and are forced to investigate

    They really look for their pound of flesh see the other thread reference Madoffs 150 years in chokey, or the autistic UK hacker looking like he's going to be sent to USA and jailed for life for embarassing the pentagon
  4. You'll go far gimp! - I think the "mistake" here is the lack of an "offshore vehicle", the source of the funding (US Government acting as intermediary between the IRZ gov and contractors).

    You don't get to export arms of this nature on the back of the fag packet. The due dilligence routine, is out of the window on this one. We'll start with the Arms Export Control licence issued to cover this transaction.

    Now, how far do we think that an "ARMS EXPORT LICENCE COVERING IRAQ" signoff goes within the DTI? Pretty high, you would think - ministerial level even. Perhaps?

    Then we'll have the FSA's assessment of those who were supplying the money for this enterprise, closely followed by individual banks getting down and dirty with lawyers, as they are asked to supply data.

    If, this article were to be the basis for an indepth investigation, then methinks that m'learned friends will be burning the midnight oil.

    Let's not kid ourselves people, the amount of money that has sloshed around (and continues to) in Iraq, courtesy of the Iraqi Government (like they're in a position to argue) is immense. Beyond immense in fact. The suits hovering in the halls of embassies and consulates who are "enabling" these transactions have some of the most leverage known - pick your mil rank and keep going.

    Within the heavy industry community, ongoing economic difficulties ensure that Iraq's money is pumped through to 000's of contractors, often with little more than cursory control and management.

    How many desks and from how many directions did communication and authorisation for this transaction were there? And how many of these were with British Government departments? About 30 and 7 is my estimation.

    Best not walk in the woods!