Iraq commission report C4 tonight 1930

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. This should be very interesting - some serious politics as opposed to celebrity froth.
  2. I caught a few of these and it really got my goat seeing the likes of Sir Christopher Meyer pompously declaring his sudden concern for the lives of British soldiers, when swine like him led us into this disaster in the first place. :x

    Bunch of cnuts the lot of them, im sticking to the boxing...there's some good fights on ITV and Sky tonight!
  3. It was in two parts:

    1. Diplomatic situation. This was spot-on. Engage Iraq's neighbours - particularly Syria, Iran and Turkey - look to build a regional solution to the situation under the auspices of the UN, with an envoy. I wonder who wouldn't be a candidate for that job!

    2. Military situation. A bit of a fudge. Withdraw from offensive ops, train the Iraqis and get out. Trouble is, who picks up the security duties in the meantime? This would - in theory - be linked to a decrease in tension and instability through diplomatic efforts. Also, Paddy Ashdown made the very sensible suggestion of bringing in blue helmets from Pakistan. I think they should have gone further and suggested that - in key flashpoints - it would be better to accept Balkanisation, relocation of minorities and giving militias official policing sanction.

    3. General. How does this sit with US strategy? There should have been an option of immediate withdrawl, to use against the US if they didn't buy in to this approach. Militarily that may not mean much, but it would be devastating politically.

    Overall, very interesting. Better than sticking one's head in the sand and saying it's all going to be OK, peace is just round the corner, just one more surge....
  4. Are you confusing Sir Christopher with Sir Jeremey Greenstock?
  5. Both involved. Greenstock was at the UN and Meyer in Washington, I think.

    The best bit I saw was Paddy Ashdown describing that Iraq needed some sort of UN governor/facilitator. He described what was needed, and I thought, ahha! He is angling for a new job (and he would be good at it too!) Yesterday Bosnia, tomorrow Iraq!
  6. Greenstock's job was to explain in reasonable terms to the public at large the crime that was about to take place and the motivations of the criminals behind it. And what a superb job he did to. So many people not realizing that it was a criminal conspiracy he was describing but something quite lawful and justified gave their wholehearted support to the endeavour.
    Whilst Meyer, being the sophisticated individual he is, of course fully knew that what was taking place was a crime but was pleased to be Her Majesty's messenger and a bagman for the yanks as he gadflied around Washington passing messages between the parties like a glorified bell hop.
  7. I beg to difer very strongly on that one. Its my view that anyone from now on representing the UN or Britain out there must have NOT supported the war to begin with. It would be an affront to the people in the region.
    A clean break with the past is absoloutly vital. We have to show them that we have turned over a new leaf. Only then can we make headway.
  8. Hans Blick for envoy!