Iraq charter vote finely balanced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 25, 2005.

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  2. Like no one ever thought there would be a problem?

    Pull out. Let them sort their own politics out. I'm sure that their own style of 'campaign drive' will be more suited to what they want and what they are used to.
  3. No surprises here Biscuits.

    I wonder how they'll get round having another election and drafting another constitution once the Sunnis reject this?

    Maybe the Sunnis will still lose though.

    Oh dear
  4. PtP, I sometimes beleive that they would have been better off under the last fella. Admittedly, it was a bit of a foregone conclusion, but at least they knew where they stood.

    I wonder what history will make of us when this is eventually over.
  5. History is written by the victor Biscuits.

    At least it was before the Internet , and that's what is screwing any dirty tricks that'll be tried. Personally, I'd get an independent body in to verify this count, because there is going to be blood spilt, and a lot of it.
  6. Of course it will pass - with 'rotten boroughs' ...sorry.... provinces like Nineveh.
    The constitution's future looks bright.

    Time story on possible voter fraud.
  7. Electoral Commission has just announced results - PASSED. Details as & when someone publishes the numbers.
  8. Thank god for that late truckload of ballots..does anyone else think the 97% against in Anbar was a feck up, they were planning to rig the vote for a Saddam-style "99% in favour" but got it arrse about face?

    Results (early)

    Nineveh is certainly surprising.
  10. Maybe all those election results under Saddam were actually real! :twisted:
  11. Vote soon, vote often.
    Trad USA Annon


    Gold star for Jonwilly and PTP :D

    How long before they start fighting over that Jon?
  14. Knowledgebale people have for over 20 years been telling me that water is the next thing nations will fight over.
    Iraq is the land of the two rivers and it was they that determined the location of Bagdhad way back in history.
    Mind you the water cums from the mountains of Turkey one more factor to confuse the issue.
    King George says once again we are in untill the Iraqi Forces can do the biz.
    He needs the Reservists and National Guard out for next years congresional/senate erections.
    The plans would need to be made soon if not already.
    Scotland controls so much of Englands water, howcum savages get so much of natures narural resourses ?
  15. That suggestion was attributed to Al Capone but I have read that it was more likely coined by one of his lieutenants, Murray "The Camel" Humphries who came to these shores from Wales.

    Humphries, the sometimes Will Rogers of organized crime, has also been credited with the aphorism (also frequently but wrongly attributed to Mr. Capone) that you'll get better results with a smile and a gun than you would with just a smile.