Iraq Casualties and Badges

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by rcprcc, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. A strange combination I know. Two questions. I am going to have to do a presentation on wound patterns for Op Telic and how they can be reduced (not going there would be one answer I suppose) and wondered if anybody has info/work on the subject or if they know where I can find some. I am aware that the Americans have done a lot on this but want to try and focus on UK casualties. Any ideas?

    I have recently noticed a number of Corps/Inf Bns who have a unit badge or flash on their arm. I know that 16 CS Med Regt have one as do 2 Med Bde (I think). Are the AMS Corps’ going to go their own way or will there be one AMS badge or will we make do with no badge at all? My shirts and jackets look like fcuking patchwork quilts.
  2. Can't help there, sorry

    Who knows what they are thinking, everyother Corps seems to posses one so why not us? Do away with that fecking monstrosity worn by 2 Med Brigade, i see it and instantly tag you as a TA t@sser......even though you may be a nice TA t@sser :wink:
  3. Thanks for your comments. Who do you think you are to insinuate that me and or any other member of 2 Med Bde is a TA tosser because of a badge? Do you regard all the Regs that wear the 2 Med Bde Flash as tossers as well? I suspect that you do. Then to make it seem that it is fine to call people tosser, nice or not, by putting that ridiculous emoticon at the end. I don’t know who you are or what you do but I certainly would not form an opinion of you by a badge on your arm. You do nothing to foster TA/Reg relations. You just perpetrate the old stereotypes.

    Does anybody have any constructive replies?
  4. no :D :) :( :eek: 8O :? 8) :lol: :x :p :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: suggest when you research on your topic, you look up humour, squaddie warped, always has been. then follow it up with sanctimonious.
  5. Possibly.

    Perhaps you could start by getting onto a surgical list for r/o cranium from fundament then possibly get a referral to a physiotherapist for a course of compression of the cervical spine region. This may assist in the reduction of the condition you seem afflicted by at present.

    If this is insufficient you could try r/o right-sided metacarpophalageal region from the keratinised corpus callosum and corpus spongiosum area.

  8. Yeah, your probably right. Perhaps I am to sensitive to see the funny side of being called a tosser. Here, you have a laugh you TOSSER. :lol:[/quote]

    oh quick, call a medic that hurt so much![/quote]

    there, there C-C, let me kiss it better 8O

    rcprcc, I was taking the preverbial yellow fluid :roll: Jesus, get a life. I've met some good TA and some not so good, just like the Regs. It was a slant on know....that which makes us laugh :lol:

    Anyway, the meer mention of TA brings me out in goosepimples :wink:
  9. Do it to me babe, please do it to me :twisted:
  10. A few months ago I went to a study day run by 16CSMR in Aldershot. A guy there was presenting info on war wounds and I think it included UK statistics. I also think there was somebody in the audience that had done some such work on TELIC injuries - coz he was asking clever questions about gathering reliable casualty info etc. Maybe you could find someone at 16 who could help?
  11. RCP,

    There is another thread on the subject of TRFs.
  13. I have a comprehensive breakdown of all surgical procedures from day one of Telic up until last Friday (22 Apr)
    As for badges, some units think theyre septics.
  14. Needs to be stopped, otherwise we'll look like the RAF did in Ryahd during the First Gulf War (90-91)
  15. I used to have badges all down my sleeve..but I was in the cub scouts ..that made it ok.