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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by roycropper, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Bought a new book yestreday with details of all the deaths of the men and women sadly killed over in lovely old Iraq. Really good read and do recoment it for anyone lucky enough been out there. Looking back it does make you realise how lucky to get through telic 9.
  2. Any chance of you telling us the title?
  3. yea bruv, its called 'IRAQ a tribute to Britains fallen heroes' by Mark Nicol. Really good book with details and photo of every person.
  4. Just had a quick shufti on amazon and it looks pretty good. Is it full of mawkish rubbish or does it handle the subject in a sober and fitting way?

    ps is a pretty good site if you're interested in the subject. I worked out from there that during my two tours in Iraq, nearly 900 coalition soldiers were killed (815 of them Yanks, of course). It's stuff like that that most of us have no idea about when we're there (especially when your world finishes at the camp gates at SLB, as mine did).
  5. nah mate is pretty much sound. Generral accounts of each individual and some background concerning the state of play. Some accounts longer obviously but gives you an idea of how things went very badly during 8, 9 and 10 and improved since. Any way enough me waffling. Go out and get it bruv lol
  6. Bruv? I take it your a Rifleman from some sh1tty part of London? I only ask because that's what last person to call me Bruv happened to be (in the guardroom in Gornji Vakuf in 1998) :D

    Come to think of it, he's probably an SNCO or brown bread now :p
  7. Are you Pte Mike Golden?
  8. 64 of those casualties were for reasons other than hostile actions, I hope it doesn't cover those.
  9. Why not?
  10. why not? they died whilst on operations in Iraq.
  11. 11 died in blue on blue incidents, not something I would want people to dwell on - it's enough to know that it happened. Two committed suicide whilst others were described as tragic incidents, why highlight this.
  12. Why would you want to sweep it under the carpet?
  13. If the book is indeed a tribute to those that lost their lives in the service of their country in Iraq, then I don't think such sensitivities matter at all.

    Many of the non-battle deaths have been the subject of considerable publicity already, so I don't see that there is an issue over highlighting or dwelling on anything.
  14. why tribute the non combat fatalities?? well mate, end of day they died for this country and should get as much respect as those from actual enemy action. It's probably even more sader fot their families, the fact that it was down to negligence, or sumin else which could have been prevented.