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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Arfur, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Thought some of you might be interested in this blog. It's by a West Midlands Regiment soldier (my old TA regiment) currently on Telic 7 - the WMR have sent out a Company with 100% TA officers and soldiers.
  2. Recipe for disaster.

    Fancy sending Officers to Iraq!
  3. but a good way for soldiers to express the feelings to the wider world without going through ARRSE
  4. Little bit too much information in parts though...
  5. I'm in the same company as that guy, different platoon though. Being in a Force Protection Company is certainly not the experience I was expecting when I was mobilized. Op **** has been in effect since we landed (example, sleeves rolled to elbows instead of above, rifting), R&R hasn't kicked in yet and blokes are losing rest periods to backfill other teams, I'm wondering what they're planning on doing when were down 1 team per platoon for 4 months. We trained hard for two months doing the core infantry skills, patroling, V.P checks, reaction under enemy fire urban and rural, cas evacs, a great range pacakge down at Lyd and Hyde and what are we when we get here? Security guards. We're stagging on more often than not with the patrols being in the desert (true there is 3-4 villages) surround BAS. It's a total waste of our skills as infantry soldiers, there are artillery units based at the shat hotel doing what we are trained to do! The RAF regiment are trained to be guards so why are we doing it? We always here about the T.A being the equal partner of the regular army so why is it we have been shafted with the jobs a regular infantry unit on Ops wouldn't touch with a shitty stick?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Don't get a bag on, get a mag on and stag on.

    Sometimes it pays to do your research.

  7. I think your doing a very good job for the TA, your proving we can do the job operationally. What do you want to do, mobilise to plug gaps and never be mobilised past Cpl or do as your doing (which means you can mobilise again at a higher rank).
    The first way of mobilising was the intention of SDR (for the infantry/teeth arms) whilst the way your deploying was the way REMFs were to deploy (as formed units).
    I'm guessing one of the reasons you volunteered was beacuse everyone else was doing it, we (Sigs) don't have that and very few are now volunteering.
  8. MSR/Merlin, I'm attached to the WMR, not a member of it, when I first heard members were required for Iraq, I signed up with 3 other guys from my company in early 2005. At the time we were under the impression that our regiment was being mobilized, as such we would be going with our own blokes. This changed around May/June time to us being attached to a regular unit yet to be decided. Again no drama. It wasn't until August (less than a month before moilization) that I found out I was being attached to another TA company and far too late to pull out. Hopefully thats answered your questions. I'm here now and the varying information or lack of it before tour is irrelevant, I'm wondering why a trained infantry company is doing the role of RAF regiment should be doing while the royal artillery are performing an infantry role in Basra central?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    It will all become apparent by the end of your tour.

  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    A TA company was always gonna get seen off with the shit jobs wasnt it in reality? There's no way in hell I'd be led anywhere more dangerous than the post office by half the officers in my regiment, sorry.
  11. Well we can't go back to the TA of the past without a few steps, Force Protection is a step forward (as I mentioned with the SDR comment). I know this may sound wrong to you but many want the TA to fail to provide formed (sub) units.

    What happens if the TA works and you do the job you want to do, bear in mind your Bn costs a 1/7th of its regular equivalent or in other words if the Mercians dropped its 3 regular Bns (cause TA works) - it could form 21(22) TA ones. Obviously that wouldn't happen but TA working/viable = regular cutbacks.

    307, why this moaning about your officers, why not go for a commission and solve the problem - as you think your much better.

    p.s. From what I can gather, my late grandfather was Territorial South Notts Hussars/RArty and I can remember him not speaking to well of his officers.
  12. Ssh, you're not allowed to criticise TA officers. They're all wonderful.
  13. I was part of a TA inf coy mobilised for Tellic 6 and we were originally pencilled in for "a proper job". Way above my payscale this all changed and we found ourselves attached to Rear ops battlegroup. The reg inf coy that took over "our" original tasking lost two blokes. Be careful what you wish for.

    From what we found out from Roebuck Coy we got the better end of the stick, but we still found ourselves carrying out Force Protection tasks, along with the regular inf Battalion we were attached to. I'm with Merlin in that this is a step forward from previous tours employment of TA inf, but we as a whole must prove ourselves before we get trusted with more interesting roles.

    Officerwise, there were some exceptional ones and some that, quite frankly, may do very well in training but failed the practical. Sadly there are examples of the latter in the regs that I came across on a previous tour. Just a lower proportion (A training issue?)
  14. Thanks for the replies so far, however it is currently.... 1:53am, it is christmas day so I have phoned the parents/family/friends back home before logging on, all I say is merry christmas to all servicemen past and present, have a great festive season and a merry new year. I'll post a proper reply on boxing day. Good will to all. Salad_Fingers
  15. Merry Xmas to you and all the TA and regulars serving in Iraq and elsewhere.