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Iraq..Blair & Bush

Watching the Dispatches programme tonight how wrong did these 2 get it?
It's still on, and so I look forward to a fruitful discussion, assuming PTP won't blacklist the thread!! :roll:
Just let me get this right. The cnut responsible for the on-screen execution of the civvie from Liverpool (whose name sadly escapes me), due to some fcuking agreement with the SPAMS cannot be arrested at the moment if the coalition forces happen to come across him in the street.
Are we still with the yanks on this 1?? If so what the fcuk is going on?
How wrong?
How long have you got?
It gets worse and worse!
I won't blacklist or chop the thread as long as you two don't turn it into your personal playground.

Peter Oborne didn't have an awful lot of good things to say about us in the South either.

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