Iraq Atrocities: 'I killed innocent people for our gov't'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, May 18, 2004.

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    The sacbee is a reasonably respected publication from the capitol city of California about 500 miles north of me. This interview points to the tragic nature that is the fraud called the "War in Iraq" which has almost nothing to do with The War Against Terrorism. The US is approacing 1k dead and tens of thousands of wounded to date and is draging you Brits down with it. Though there are no pictures to gawk at, the story this man tells is far worse than a couple or ten tortured to death in US foreign gulags.

  2. Aren't they all? - GUNG HO!! (HOO-HAH!!!!)?!!
  3. Perhaps he was involved in 'friendly fire' incidents....

  4. "Freindly Fire" - do you mean - "... I'm gonna kill me some non americans... Hooh-hah..." by any chance?
  5. He is probably a member of
  6. That wouldn't surprise me... Then again, on a serious note, if he knew they WERE innocent then why do it... ???
  7. That wouldn't surprise me... Then again, on a serious note, if he knew they WERE innocent then why do it... ???
  8. to stop people from repeating themselves!!
  9. Sorry guys - having a mong moment. And crap pc!
  10. This comes as no great suprise after watching a years worth of TV pictures full of examples of US soldiers blazing away with MGs and Rifles on automatic in what is supposed to be a PSO in an Urban environment full of 'innocent civilians'. :x

    We need to take steps to either educate these macho idiots on ROE and the use of minimum force, or make public steps to dissosociate the UK forces from them. :(

    If not we will get tarred with the same brush.
  11. If the US are really becoming indiscriminate in their actions, then that would explain the increase in violence and the security problems.

    If a USMC SSGT is willing to leave "his beloved Corps" and criticise the US then there may be a few ready to follow suit. Still this may just be another trying to sell a croc-o-shiit story to earn a few bucks more :?:

    Seems to be happening a bit lately............ :?
  12. What ?? An InterContinental Balistic Missile
  13. They've been like that for a while now and unfortunatley don't seem to learn ANY lessons at all.

    When I was in the Balkans last year, I came across a recent story of an incident where 4 children, aged 7-8yrs old were playing with Fire crackers in the vacinity of a US parol (the patrol was in x3 APCs). Upon hearing the crackers, the spams promply called in air support from the neighbouring Bond Steel US camp!!!

    It transpired that they had even stopped to investigate. You can imagine the resulting shit and surprise surprise our lot had to go and clear up the shit - on the ground and the diplomatic stuff in the background...

    God help us with them as our allies!
  14. Probably following "orders" in a climate (US military culture) that is tantamount to a Death Cult.
  15. Maybe just following "orders" in a US military culture that is tantamount to a Death Cult.