Iraq as the elections approach

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. On Jamestown Iraqi Insurgents Take the Offensive as Parliamentary Election Approach By: Ramzy Mardini
    Cordesman in the damning The Critical Failures In Planning, Programming, Budgeting And Resourcing The Afghan And Iraq Wars had this to say recently:
    Obviously the Pashtun war has been a neglected sideshow but I do wonder now about Iraq.

    DC has plainly been eager to leave Iraq for the past few years. The very language of The Surge signaled this. Only the political kamikaze McCain showed a real willingness to persist much longer in Iraq. The sensible lowering of grander ambitions in Bush's last term has led DC to a position where an expedient exit is available but is it devoid of longer range strategic considerations?

    Barry has walked away from his election promise to withdraw a few "combat brigades" a month, his strategic patience has stretched somewhat but the SOFA agreement the previous administration arranged may in fact lead to a precipitous US withdrawal. The Iraqi's are likely to vote for a end to the occupation at the beginning of next year and the eviction will begin. For Barry this may be domestically useful. But what will be left behind in this now unbalanced region?

    The antics of Joe Biden recently are not that encouraging. The Second Biden Mission to Iraq by Reidar Visser
    And in response to a comment on Biden's Kurd fetish:
    The Kurds are now probably the most dangerous factor in the fragile post occupation jigsaw. A collision between Baghdad and Erbil over the Kirkuk field is probably inevitable. Qom plays both sides in that game, DC would be wise to do that as well.

    Visser has more on this in America’s unwitting support for Tehran’s strategy in Iraq.