Iraq and Jordan withdraw ambassadors


Iraq recalled its ambassador to Jordan on Sunday in a tit-for-tat move following Jordan's earlier decision to withdraw its envoy from Baghdad, a foreign ministry official told reporters.

"The relations between the two countries are in crisis mode," an official who asked not to be named, said Sunday.

"We put the responsibility for some of the attacks in Iraq on Jordan, which could do more to help us (prevent them)," added the official.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Iraq’s ambassador to Jordan had been recalled for "consultations."

Jordan withdrew its charge d'affaires Damai Haddad two days after Shiite demonstrators raised an Iraqi flag over the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad, during a protest in Iraq.

Hundreds of Shiite protesters demanded an apology from Jordan for its involvement in last month’s bomb attack in the Iraqi city of Hillah that claimed the lives of 125 people.
It wouldn't surprise me if this was in retaliation for covert backing of the insurgency by Jordans govt/secret services.

There have been rumours flying around about such problems, but most of the pressure was from the spams towards the syrians.
Here's abit of an update to this story.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Hani al-Mulki told Reuters the Jordanian charges d'affaires was due back at the heavily guarded Baghdad embassy on Wednesday while the Iraqi ambassador was expected to return to Amman within a week.

"An order was issued by the king because the recall of the charges d'affaires was seen as a withdrawal when the intention was only a recall for consultations," government spokeswoman Asma Khader told Reuters. "We wanted to confirm that this was not a matter of withdrawal of envoys."

Iraqi protesters have burned Jordanian flags and broken into the heavily guarded compound at least twice since a suicide bombing killing 125 people south of Baghdad on Feb. 28, angered by reports that a Jordanian man was behind the blast and his family had hailed him as a martyr.

Protesters held banners reading "no to terrorism" and called on Arabs to speak out against praise of suicide bombers.

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