Iraq, Afghanistan casualties - read them and weep

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bokkatankie, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this link has been posted before.


    It makes for very sobering reading, the monthly rates are incredible, and it all seems to happen without much publicity unless it is one of ours that gets his.

    The lessons of war do not appear to be being learned at all, the casualties are being caused by roadside bombs and vehicle hits, what ever happened to NI heli only process.
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  3. Pehaps it's got something to do with the intensity of the conflict that would see the en adapt to counter the advantages of helicopters. There's a lot more RPGs floating around in Iraq than there were in NI and the guys firing them often don't care if they get away or not.

    Perhaps it's also got something to do with the fact that there's more than 100,000 troops in Iraq... that's a lot of helicopters...
  4. ytomk, I agree, but the casualties seem to follow a very depressing pattern, month in month out, sending out troops to die in Humvees is not the best way forward (or LR for the matter).

    In Palestine (Gaza) the Isreali's made the mistake of sending out ever more heavily armoured vehicles the result was a major Propaganda coup whenever one was taken out.

    I do not advocate staying in barracks or reducing the profile but where are all the clever buggers who invent countermeasures, what about route clearance, the troops on the ground deserve better than they are getting
  5. I honestly have no idea how you can lessen the likelihood of IEDs and roadside bombs beyond political means.
  6. Yep seen this stuff before.

    Every major news outlet in the US has a list of the fallen.

    For less emotion and a more specfic KIA and WIA listing visist Iraq Coalition Casaulty Count
  7. CNN says:

    Cpl. Stephen John Allbutt 35 Queen's Royal Lancers Stoke-on-Trent, England Killed when his tank was struck by a shell from another British tank on March 25, 2003

    Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke 19 Queen's Royal Lancers Littleworth, England Killed when his tank was struck by a shell from another British tank on March 25, 2003

    Lance Cpl. Matty Hull 25 The Blues & Royals, Household Cavalry Regiment Windsor, England Killed in action in southern Iraq on March 28, 2003

    CNN doesn't say:

    Lance Cpl. Matty Hull 25 The Blues & Royals, Household Cavalry Regiment Windsor, England Killed in action in southern Iraq when his tank was struck by an American A-10 on March 28, 2003.

    How strange.
  8. Bokkatankie

    The 'clever buggers who invent countermeasures' are working flat out, and have made a huge contribution to reducing fatalities to what is actually a relatively low level, considering the frequency of attacks. Unfortunately, so are the clever buggers who circumvent countermeasures. Widespread framework presence with so few ground troops is not realistic - or probably even desirable, bearing in mind the desire to reduce footprint and thus not provoke further dissatisfaction with coalition presence, and therefore more attacks. Vehicle/body armour has been upgraded on a number of occasions, air/avn used as top cover etc etc but there is no 100% guarantee of safety. Except not being there in the first place.
  9. Paper clips, well spotted, had not picked that up. Censorship or whatever, it does not give similar details about US casualities caused by "friendly fire". Check out Afghanistan and the football hero.


    I am not advocating 100% safety, soldiers will continue to be killed or wounded in conflicts of this type. Uk casualties, given the amount of "reported" attacks seem low and that is highly commendable. The US casualty list is, of course, a reflection of amount of troops deployed but you do have to question, as I hope every US officer is doing, the low level tactics, patrol patterns and to coin a old phrase: "is the journey really necessary"
  10. Its the US media. The kings of spin. Would you expect anything diffrent :roll: Ours is just as bad if not worse aswell. Pishes me off I can tell you. :x

    Regards LT.
  11. If you read your history back in the days of the North West Frontier and all that sort of thing, they got around this problem with Road Clearances.
    Long drawn out system for road bound veichals/troops, but a proven workable system.