Iraq/Afgan Video

Absolutely disgusted...........

that it's only two and a half minutes long ;-)

That was mega, you don't seem three bad at that video editing malarky - keep it up. Unfortunately some d1ckhead is bound to take offence to the soundtrack.


Having problems with that bloody youtube, I added two tonight and both are saying not available on the main page, but live in the actual account.
It takes time for them to be processed. I had the same problem with mine. Good video.
I hate boddingtons by the way :D


There both showing on the main page, and you were able to view it but I can't strange. The one I added about Manchester showed an hour ago and has just become viewable.


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Rather good, what?
Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic, Brilliant lyrics,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Pissed myself ....twice,
off for some Boddy's and chips n gravy.....
Well good!!!!!
how do we copy this stuff from the web (copyright considered::///???)


Fantastic gratuitous use of the Macc Lads.

Can you do another one using Fluffy Pup(?) as backing.

"You can cook, you can fcuk, you can do the washing up, but I've had enough, come on fcuk off!"
Brilliant mate, P.S love your signature box, :thumleft:
Tharg_almighty said:
Brilliant mate, P.S love your signature box, :thumleft:

I think your vid is great BF and the song is funny as fcuk.

I'd disagree with tharg though - IMHO the site on your signature block is sh1te - just browsed it - talk about a site full of blokes up themselves or what.

But like I said - that's only my opinion :wink:


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Great wee film, do the next one with the Tartan Specials :thumright:

Shame about your bigotted signature box though its so last century, century, century

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