Iraq: 5 years on

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. It is five years (and a few hours) to the day that Bliar was awakened by the news that Dubya had started their little war without telling him in advance.

    The newspapers are filling column inches with retrospectives, what about the ARRSE perspective?

    My ha'pennorthworth:

    - the biggest UK military and foreign policy blunder since the fall of Singapore, worse than Suez.

    - fatal to any hopes of achieving a successful end-state in Afghanistan, the mission undertaken in 2001.

    - an unparalleled deception, with the public and Parliamentarians fooled into believing a spurious WMD story sexed-up from spurious and cherry-picked intelligence.

    - an illegal act of agression without causus belli demonstrated by the scramble for a second resolution and the argument that it wasn't required when this failed; the extremes of US policy on "interrogation" and detention (torture and breach of the laws of wars to the rest of us) have dragged the reputation of the UK - by association and lukewarm condemnation - into the gutter.

    - a major contributor to Islamic terrorism from so-called "home grown" terrorists, as predicted by the intelligence services in 2003 prior to the invasion (they didn't include that in the dossier!).

    - directly responsible for destabilising the world and reinforcing religious, political and cultural divisions in, and arising from, the Middle East.

    - an economic disaster, with tens of billions squandered on the costs of war and occupation, driving up oil prices.

    The deranged attitude of then-PM Blair has brought ruin on Iraq, caused the deaths of hundreds of British troops and caused damage to international stability that will take many decades to repair. This has not yet concluded in political terms, the Tories are pressing for an inquiry. I would like to see Bliar shamed in public and ideally in the Hague. As far as I am concerned, if he and Bush were lynched from lamp-posts then this would not be proportionate to the damage caused by these two cowboys intent on the gratification that only war seemed to provide. :evil:
  2. Right war for possibly the wrong reason.

    Check out the Beeb and Channel 4 polls as to how Iraqis see their present situation.
  3. I'm still putting my tuppence worth on Article 5 invocation, which had we not responded positively to would have meant the inevitable collapse of NATO.

    And considering to what Brit Mil invested in terms of leadership direction and manpower to that organisation as it has become the de'facto teeth of the UN, our entering into the conflicts delivered on the promise of offering a worthwhile strategic European partnership to America and the alliance.

    None of that was likely to enter in the public arena from the off, was it? So they had to do a song and dance routine to smooth ruffled feathers, which effectively got out of control, thanks in part to a wholly uncontrolled media circus that both administrations were completely unprepared for.

    Quick decision required, few ready, capable or willing to meet their obligations from the off, all for a mildly sullied PR rep from attention grabbing media pundits, usefull idiots among the left, and belligerent nations?

    I can live with that.
  4. Eh what a luverly thread.
    Definately worst then Suez, when the US stabbed its' old comrades in the back and then publicly gutted them.
    Ganistan ! Did King George ever plan for an ending there or was he hoping for a US base on the southern flank of Rooshia and the up and comming Chinese Empire ?
    And bare faced lies to commit UK to a war without visible end. That is when ya Iraqi did not just role over and die as the Neo Cons thought he would.
    Where not Wars of Aggression the reason that Nazi's where executed at Nuremburg ? Should King George and his running dog not be before a UN court ?
    Oh yes Islamic Terror recieved it's major boost from King Georges Crusade, talk about a red rag to a bull.
    And destabalizing Political systems that where just about holding some form of stability on Mid East and Central ASia, well done Georgei boy.
    The 3 Trillion $ war as one Noble winner described it recently, would we now be in The Worst Financial Crisis since the mid thirties depression if Clintons legacy had not been blown. Start a series of major wars and cut national taxes, Hum wish I thought of that one. Oil from $25-30 to over $110 yes that might push up inflation which evey governemts is trying to pretend is not happening.

    Tone dear Tone always wanted the adulation that his Hero the Incomparable Maggei recieved when she led the Nation to Victory over the matter down south.
    He never cared about Tom just as King George never gave a mokeys about GI joe for he would not serve along the fighting man in Americas last major war.
    Hate the B'astards
  5. On exercise of the right to reply:

    I'd suggest the short signing the new Territories deal by a good 100-200 years outmatches that. ;) We could certainly do with the bases over there, not to mention the financial clout.

    Mitigating factor certainly, fatal to any hope? Not allowed.

    Was anyone really fooled? I wasn't, saw through it from day one and knew it was produced for consumption. Deceptive, yes, required? Compare with my above post.

    Everyone say's that. I might agree one day. But first someone has to convince that it's illegal to call off a cease fire against Saddam.

    Certainly acted as a catalyst. Which may not have been patently wise given the circumstances. A great many religiously sanctioned acts of terrorism predating all these events though was however long on the boil, and had to fall into the crucible sometime.

    As above. That the world was, or will be stable at any point until we shape a noose for the last king from the intestines of the last priest [-Diderot] is open for debate.

    Possibly an engineered economic disaster, yes. However better to have it out now than wait for aggression over peak Water Demand, which kicks in roughly the same time that the Hubris Curve does. Economic woes is defeated (every time) on Mother Earth's whim ;)

    Tough, and dirty job, but somebody had to do it. Still I'll join the outrage mob just as readily as the rest as long as there is a good lynching to be had.