Iraq - 4 Years - 134 dead. Time to Remember . . .

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by caubeen, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. In 4 years 134 servicemen have given their all. Time to remember, I think. . . .


    O valiant hearts who to your glory came
    Through dust of conflict and through battle flame;
    Tranquil you lie, your knightly virtue proved,
    Your memory hallowed in the land you loved.

    Proudly you gathered, rank on rank, to war
    As who had heard God’s message from afar;
    All you had hoped for, all you had, you gave,
    To save mankind—yourselves you scorned to save.

    Splendid you passed, the great surrender made;
    Into the light that nevermore shall fade;
    Deep your contentment in that blest abode,
    Who wait the last clear trumpet call of God.

    Long years ago, as earth lay dark and still,
    Rose a loud cry upon a lonely hill,
    While in the frailty of our human clay,
    Christ, our Redeemer, passed the self same way.

    These were His servants, in His steps they trod,
    Following through death the martyred Son of God:
    Victor, He rose; victorious too shall rise
    They who have drunk His cup of sacrifice.

    O risen Lord, O Shepherd of our dead,
    Whose cross has bought them and Whose staff has led,
    In glorious hope their proud and sorrowing land
    Commits her children to Thy gracious hand

  2. "Happy" anniversary.


    To all our personnel in sandy places....stay safe.
  3. Let us also spare a thought for those for whom remembering is not the issue. For them, it is forgetting that is the problem.
  4. In memory of braver souls than most.

    We must ensure their sacrifice is remembered.

    We must ensure that their sacrifice is not for nothing.

    We must ensure that those that are left behind are also not forgotten.

    While lesser men are richly rewarded for minor celebrity.

    We will always remember who the true heroes are.

    RIP troops.