Iraq 10 Years On

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Telegraph has some interesting articles today:

    Iraq War: 'we have to face the truth and admit we failed' - Telegraph

    Iraq War: major new questions for Tony Blair - Telegraph

    Iraq War: Sir Christopher Meyer: 'I'm with you whatever', Tony Blair told George Bush - Telegraph

    What I would really like to know from Mr Blair is this. On the eve of the parliamentary vote on UK participation, GWB called Blair and in the course of that conversation offered THREE TIMES that UK troops didn't have to participate in the initial invasion. But Blair insisted that we would anyway. Basically he staked his premiership on this, when it would have been perfectly feasable to say "thanks, George, that gets me out of a right hole. You go ahead and invade and we'll help pick up the pieces afterwards". Why did he do this?
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    Well, it certainly isn't Surrey...
  3. 10 years on, and I am still adopting the Nuremberg defence. I cannot be alone in having obeyed orders, done the job, but not had an ideological commitment to it. At the time, the DPRK was looking dangerous, and Zimbabwe looking like a basket case, and I would have volunteered or either of those: how things have changed (not).
  4. Last sentence, first clause; spot on!

    It's a democratically elected government, dilligaf how strict their laws are?

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  5. For me, Iraq is now a series of digital photographs on my computer hard drive and a few good memories tempered with a few bad ones.

    Am I bothered that there are car bombings happening on a daily basis within Iraq?

    No, not one iota, mainly because those bombings do not affect me, my family or my day to day business.

    In the same vein, I'm quite sure that the Iraqis do not share any of my major worries at present, those being "will the weather this weekend allow me to enjoy some bass fishing?".
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  6. I'm sure Iraq was a better place before we ruined it.

    That said, I didn't give a **** about the place before 2003 and I still don't give a ****.

    Why would I?
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  7. Blair was so enamourged by Bill Clinton, the American Presidential system, and with George Dubya Bush Jnr after, when he was elected President of the USA. Blair, allegedly, wanted to be seen as a "War Leader2 in the way that Clinton and Bush were. It was rumoured that Blair even wanted tbe British government to pay for and convert a large jet airliner into a British equivalent of an "Air Force One" flying command and control. this ideas was peposterous and it was givne the nickname of "B'Liar Farce One", so it never happened.

    Blair sufferers from delusions of grandeur, back then, and allegedy possibly still. he just cannot get his mind round the idea that people still dislike him. The Iraq Crisis was Blair's 'Suez Crises' in my opinion, and equally flawed in its preparation, planning and aftermath. Blair is still peddling himself around the World, amongst the 'Bilderburgers' and other Very Important Personages who run the World, because he wants to be dining up there at Top Table with them always.

    "The most impenetrable question, however, is this. Who, in biblical terms, does Tony Blair think he is? Palpably there is a messianic complex at work, as evidenced by his stewardship of that

    “Faith Foundation”, to go with the Narcissistic Personal Disorder. But which specific one?

    What makes the diagnosis tricky is his habit of switching between the Testaments. In his final conference speech as Labour leader, for instance, he was Moses, fated to lead the Children of New Labour out of bondage, but destined to perish before entering the Promised Land. At other times – perhaps deliberately, more likely subconsciously – he has echoed Christ. In his memoir, he refers to Lord Mandelson as “my rock”, precisely as Jesus did with an earlier Peter"

    "Tony Blair proves that God has a sense of humour"
    By Matthew Norman
    8:23PM BST 09 Sep 2011

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  8. What is even more disturbing is that we have waited ten years for this introspective analysis. I think it could be seen that it started off as a cake and arse party and degenerated into a total mess. Some countries positively need a dictator and they are worse off now without one. Tony Blair and his crew should be utterly ashamed of themselves. We took part in making this basket case and you can add Afghanistan to the list as well.
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  9. I'd agree that some nations need a dictatorship. I remember being involved in a discussion of where we went wrong in AFG. I think there was a general agreement that we failed when we didn't put the King back on the throne. Sadly, we have a population that generally don't have a ****ing clue how most parts of the world work and think that Mullah Buk Buk from the Village of Goat ****ing near the city of rampant child abuse thinks along the same lines as Mr Jones the Butcher in Ashby De la Zeuch.
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  10. Having raced away from the wreckage in Iraq Barry and Dave are rather putting the the cherry on the shit pie we served the natives by supporting the rebels in Syria. That conflicts clearly reviving their civil war and the older one in Lebanon.

    Apart from freeing the Iraqi Shia from a millenium of Sunni hegemony, no small thing and not our wisest move, helping tamp down that bloody mess was a worthwhile endeavor and not just because we created the conditions for it kicking off. Now we have all the makings of the worst case regional war we spent trillions of dollars and rather a lot of soldiers lives trying to avert.
  11. I can't see what the big fuss is all about, we were told to invade on the basis of WMD's. We won and then pulled out. Iraq was a shithole before we invaded, and it's a shithole now. No WMD's found, so I reckon it's a success.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I'm quite happy to discuss the outcome of our efforts and have been since 2003 - sturm und drang with a twist of murderous mayhem - par for the course if it involved the two geo-political genii that were Bush and Blair.

    That said, the Iraqis had the chance of something better, a chance that, like it or not, our intervention gave them, but they chose to stay mired in the dwang and they've been sweeping up body parts ever since. Why their choice should be my fault, as you seem to imply, I can't fathom, but I can't remember being noticeably reticent on the subject.

    As far as taking the piss is concerned, the only funny thing about Iraq was the weather forecast - Sunni in parts but mainly Shi'ite.
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  13. If you're that concerned/bothered then move over there. The country's in turmoil not because we invaded but because of where it is and who lives there. It's a shithole which doesn't register on my bothered-o-meter one single iota.