Iraq “phallic” cucumbers vs “feminine” tomatoes.

Who will win in Iraq Cucumbers or Tomatoes?

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Running the gauntlet in a land of militias, insurgents, soldiers, gangs - and death at every turn

The sound of gunfire is a constant feature of life in Baghdad, and everyone knows someone who has been killed or driven from their homes. Last month alone, more than 1,000 civilians, 135 members of the security forces and 143 insurgents were killed, according to official figures. About 1,800 civilians were injured. Hundreds more simply vanished.

Those that can have left the country. An estimated 644,000 Iraqis were living in neighbouring Syria and Jordan by the end of last year, according to the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. In total 889,000 Iraqis have moved abroad.

Islamic hardliners kill anyone they judge is not complying with strict Sharia. Shia extremists even issued leaflets threatening death to any grocer displaying “phallic” cucumbers alongside “feminine” tomatoes.

Article in full,,3-2298643,00.html

Sheer bloody endless madness, what sort of walking abortion can interpret the Koran into this? Is this really Islamic Civilization?
Is that something like not calling a black board a black board because its racist

Or in Liverpool changing the name of PENNY LANE because a man called PENNY was involved many hundreds of years ago , in slavery shipping

or Old MacDonalds gay partner?
black_maskers said:
Is that something like not calling a black board a black board because its racist?
I fear you are right, even though after years of writing on the things I still did not know if it was called a black board or a blackboard. It got that we had to call it a chalk board. In recent years I have had one that is a sheet of metal covered in a white plastic, written on with dry wipe ink board markers. It is actually called a whiteboard and I am waiting for the loonies to start complaining.

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