Iran's treatment of children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Dec 19, 2004.

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  2. sickening
  3. Remember, islam is the tolerant religion...
  4. A country going backwards instead of forwards. Scary.
  5. I have nothing against Muslims as I feel there are good and bad in every race, but for a religon to advacate this type ob behavior is barbaric and goes back to the time of the dark ages. This is why religon should play no part in government and being educated is the keystone to justice and fare treatment. We should never allow our government to make pacts of trade with a country who legally allows the excicution of minors especially for a pathetic reasons of chastity!!!!!!!! I'm discusted and sickened at the brutallity of this faith!!

    D.D. :cry:
  6. I kicked off a thread about this last week. Amnesty International are involved in trying to get the girl's death sentence commuted, but like everyone else don't want to offend Islam/Muslims so the profile is low and this poor wretch will probably die.

    Islamic logic:

    Being the victim of serious sexual abuse from the age of eight=immoral and bad.

    Executing victim of said abuse=moral and good.
  7. good thing our country isnt an islamic state our half the sixteen year olds would be swinging

    seriously though, it is absolutley disgusting. the sooner Dubya decides to invade the place the better
  8. Give it another 50 years 8O .
  9. I'll be dead or an ex-pat by then

    or if the government have their way I'll have comitted suicide because my hair went white
  10. So what happens to the blokes ? . Its typical middle east scum twisting religion to suit there purpose in controlling women .Kill the lot of them
  11. God - she's a sodding paedo. If there was ever a person or set of people who deserve a few stones chucked at them.....

    As for the Iranian children - abs sickening. I know there's good and bad in every religion - so why isn't the 'good' up in arms about this? :?
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Playing the Prophet's Advocate for a moment, perhaps the 'good' don't consider this treatment to be so horrific.

    If, (and only if,) it's in the book then it can't be wrong can it......?
  13. Well from the article the good one's are afraid to open their mouths lets face it if you were going to get put away for trying to corrupt public morality by speaking out against the killing/murder of minors/children are you going to stand up and be counted!!!!! It's not a democracy and you don't have freedom of speech. The others who know no better have the (KORAN) rammed down their throats 5 times a day!!!! and believe me it's mostly wrath of god stuff not sweetness and light!!!! Having just spent 8 weeks in Egypt in a small town, these people are really pushing the old ways again. Even in a police state like Egypt.!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    How about the 'good' amongst the Faithful in the UK ?

    Surely they'd have a different outlook on things, especially as they've integrated into a western democracy so well ?