Iran's Revolutionary Guard Shouting The Odds (Again)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Iran has been rather off the Yanks Chrimbo Card list since November 1979.
  3. So they called it gunpowder, before the invention of the gun? That's forward thinking :)
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  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Let's see - in the event of a US attack on Iran the Iranians propose firing a whole load of long range rockets at targets in the Gulf area. When the US military are making contingency plans I wonder what Iranian assets are high on the priority list? Perhaps Brigadier Amir means "Following a US attack on Iran we'll fire what's left of our missiles at US bases in the region?"
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  5. Hope they're a bit more careful fuelling the buggers up operationally than they have been on ex.
  6. I reckon that it's actually quite hard to fire a IRBM when it's under 40 tons of rubble following a Tomahawk/SLAM-ER/GBU-28* strike...

    *Delete as appropriate.
  7. It's a fair bet that the Yanks via their Isreali friends have a good idea where the launch sites are and they would be targeted with everything the yanks have got as they will not want the same situation as they had
    in GW 1 were Saddam was able to cause chaos with a handful of SCUDs. The biggest problem is likely to be not from the IRBMs but from anti ship missles fired from the coast or the Iranians Fast attack craft. It would only need one or two warheads to find their targets on a US fleet or Allied asset to provide the Iranians with the propoganda coup they would need in the event of a conflict, and the Republican guard will not care how many of them the Yanks kill if they can achieve that goal.
  8. Bit hazy if you attack USA with any form of N B C will they not respond with a minuteman III. Trident D5 or let the goose lay a B 83 or two.
  9. No it wouldnt.

    As those actions would push NATO into a full on war footing and the Iranian Military's abilty to function as a long range balastic threat would vanish within hours in a hail of cruise missiles.

    Only a nutter pokes the Gorilla in the monkey house.
  10. It's just Teheran Rhetoric.

    That result would be USA 1 - Iran 0 (as in zero, absolute expletive deleted zero).
  11. I don't think anyone would claim any notion of sanity for the Irainian Republican Guard they are however a bunch of dedicated well indocrinated religious nutters. who would willingly die if their religous masters commanded it. As to a Nato response look how they reacted to the downing of the Turkish F4, a slap on the wrist is not going to bother Terhan one bit. Not that America would need Nato support in this scenario, they have more than enough fire power in the region to deal with Iran the question is what would happen next?
  12. Like **** they would.

    They are career soldiers who are a very powerful force in Iranian politics, they protect themself politicaly and they will protect the existance of the orginisation above all things. The religous sect do not order them to do anything, they are the movers and shakers behind the scenes with a finger in may pies, like Iraq, Syria and the Lebanon for instance.

    The are not lunatic suicide troops they are very savvy political survivors, suicide bombings and the like are for the conscripted Iranian infantry proles and the proxies they co-erce and recruit in other countries.
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