Iranians may be in need of some good physios

It's "army day" in Iran and they've been making a big ho ha about cutting off hands and US being nasty people etc etc (heard it all before)

Yet they showed the Iranian parade thingy... how can they march like that? They kick their legs up as high as possible as hard as possible. OUCH!! They're all going to have knee and back problems before they're 40.

Probably the worst style I've seen, even puts the lazy yank style to shame. Anyone seen worse? (barring cadets *shudder*)
Ah I always find the news clips of various rag tag African armies/militias trying to goose step in wellies quite amusing. :lol:
Loved the clip of the spazzer mortarman in SL dropping the bomb down the tube and diving for cover as the recoil dropped the whole lot in a heap next to him.

The armchair still smells of wee...
part of the drive past parade was a load of blokes "2 up" on honda C90's with the bloke getting a "backie" aiming an RPG over the shoulder of the bloke in front... :D

still tittering about it now.

The mob i saw looked like the "third battalion Cinema commisionnaires and south american dictators"

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