Iranians copy British boat design

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dundrillin, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Our Iranian friends seem to like our speedboats. Pretty cool boat, but would have thought it would be a bit vulnerable!

    Iran to replicate Bladerunner 51 to launch missiles | Motorboat news | MBM

    An Iranian commander has told how his navy is planning to replicate the British-built Bladerunner 51 to help build the country's military presence in the Strait of Hormuz.

    According to International news website AFP, Gen Ali Fadavi of the Revolutionary Guards' Navy, said, "The Bladerunner is a British ship that holds the world speed record. We got a copy (on which) we made some changes so it can launch missiles and torpedoes."

    Gen Ali Fadavi is believed to have made the comments at a ceremony marking the delivery of 12 other speedboats equipped with missiles and torpedos and he said the Revolutionary Guards would be equipped with "many" of the 51s within a year.

    The statement comes over a year after it was revealed that Iran had purchased the Bladerunner 51, Bradstone Challenger, which shot to fame in 2005 by rounding Britain in just over 27 hours, at an average speed of 82mph.

    Jeremy Watts, director of Surrey-based Ice Marine, which manufactures the boats, said, "We're a bit bewildered that one of our products is the focus of an international incident after Iran managed to acquire one through smoke-screen tactics."

    Watts said the boat was based in the Med and being used as a luxury tender for a yacht when it was acquired by a South African dealer a year ago who said it was going to a wealthy man in Mozambique.
  2. Why would they want to copy our design.. I thought we were thick!
  3. my reading is that they haven't actually made any copies, it is just a fluff piece to big themselves up. The current example is little more than a sea-going technical.
  4. one of the up-grades to their boats was they made the white flag,aand i,pods storage areas smaller.
  5. Is the boat the same design as the wave pentrator thing they have got at Shrivenham? The one designed for THEM to be uber low profile and see where it was going by radar, the head of which was underwater half the time?
  6. so thats where it went.....i was looking after them for THEM a few years ago. Rumour they (there was 2 of them) were going to get broken up and buried. Was offered to the RM Museum but they declined!
  7. It's in the 'interactive museum' (real name escapes me) adjoining DCDC with the tanks, guns and assorted big boys' toys.
  8. It must take up some room! If you know the name of it...ill confirm it was one of the 2 i "had". Amazing to look over, carbon fibre dashboard, "BOOST" throttles (!), suspended crew seats and big eff off engines.
    As i let THEM use my area to store them i got a trip out in some of their other boats around Poole waters and a look over the replacement for the 2 above. Speed limit in Poole Harbour..10 knots, definitily exceeded that on that day!

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  9. Not convinced... you attach weapons to that (the bladerunner), it'll be slow. Plus small boats are crap to use as attack platform as their ridiculously unstable. And very vulnerable.

    Propaganda for the uninformed
  10. This only really works if you fit it with the wake homing torpedos Iran acquired from NK. I don't think they're particularly long ranged so you need to get in close but then at high speed it won't take you long to do that. The torps aren't too big (324 mm diameter ?) so you should get one or two aboard for the same weight as a section of blokes plus kit. Then you fire them off at the wake and run away.

    Mind you, the Iranians already have thousands of small craft tooled up with all sorts of kit, individually they're a bit sad but if 100 odd descend on you I reckon it would be nasty.
  11. Ah, THAT'S why they remove the 20mm from the fo'c'sle of the archer class. (So, nothing to do with me being anywhere near it then...)