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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Rattler, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. I am fortunate to have three TV channels at home that were from IRAN, one was on sky TV (press TV) and the others were from another satellite system/provider.

    Today I notice Press TV (The Iranian TV) on sky channel 515 has now disappeared

    the other two channels are just gay in general but most amusing if you want to watch there day time soaps

    does the loss of this channel mean anything (there propaganda was too much to stomach) or as part of the conditions set on the country or we don't want to see them whinge and moan as we slowly starve them into submission

    However, I do miss there blind bile and anti west propaganda
  2. Russia today reporting it's demise on uk satellite but otherwise noone gives a toss.
  3. Read this on BBC,

    Ofcom pulled the license because they failed to disclose their main editorial office was in Tehran not London as per the license conditions. Essentially a shite excuse to play politicals with journalism.
  4. They've been done for more than this. They were fined £100,000 for filming the interview (under duress) of an Iranian journalist who the mullahs imprisoned shortly after the June 2009 uprising, and they refused to pay up. They were also given the chance to re-register their licence provided Press TV acknowledged that it was run from Tehran rather than from London. They had two opportunities to stop OFFCOM from pulling the plug, and they failed to take them:

    Iran's Press TV loses UK licence | Media |

    Anyway, fuck them. Like Mad-Dinner-Jacket, they are a bunch of fascist cunts, and that world-class scumbag George Galloway used to host one of their shows. Good riddance to total shit.
  5. If they'd revoked George Galloway's right to breathe I'd have been more entertained.
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