Iranian SU-25 fires at Predator

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yeoman_dai, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Did see it anywhere, or see it in a search but...

    An Iranian SU-25 had a couple of cracks with cannonfire at a US Predator that was flying (allegedly) inside Iranian Airspace. US claims it was at the 12 mile limit. Jury is out as to if the Iranians were trying to splash it and can't shoot OR if they were just firing warning shots.

    Two Iranian fighter jets open fire on U.S. Predator drone over Gulf | Mail Online

    Defence Bloggers slant on things...
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  2. Is there much point in firing warning shots at a drone? I always assumed one of the main advantages was an expensive sort of disposability. But as usual I may be wrong.
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  3. One of the comments on the blog site - put a copy of the Koran in every drone and that way they won't be able to shoot at it.
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  4. If an armed Predator could have made the turn, is it possible it could have taken down an SU?
  5. I didn't think any of the drones were carrying air to air munitions or even a cannon? I stand by to be proven wrong but I've only seen them carrying air to ground munitions thus far
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  6. Air to Air is notoriously shite. Even with a predictable flight path+modern computers and "Stuff"..Besides if they wanted to drop it they could have tipped a wing, A la doodlebugs.
  7. Hmmmm.
    SFAIK, the Yanks have only needed their unmanned drones to photograph and brass up ground targets. An unmanned fighter would have many advantages since a human pilot can only tolerate a few Gs (3 or 4?) and electronics systems don't have such limitations.
    Have the Americans developed an unmanned fighter or an air to air missile platform? I don't know but they'd be daft if they haven't. The Iranians may shortly find out.

    Watch this space.
  8. They have been developing those for a while, not only is the lack of a meatsack good for politicians as there is no pilot death to mess their poll ratings, but as you pointed out, **** all chance of having a smaller turning circle than something unmanned.

    Edit: Isn't SU 25 in the GA role? Not much chance of hitting anything A2A is there?
  9. Predator can carry, and has fired in anger, AIM-92.

    (The drone lost)
  10. Drone vs Fighters normally ends badly

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  11. They hate the yanks and IF it was over there air space they hate every right.
    I reckon the Americans are testing them cos we all know they have evil intentions on them and vica versa.
  12. The holy grail of drone combat is a fully autonomous aircombat vehicle able to make it's own decisions as to how to act in a fight, all the previous shoot downs have come about due to the time lag involved in the remote operation of the drone. One of the sticking points is the legal question of who to hold accountable if the autonomous ACV shoots down an airliner or brasses up a school full of little kiddies. the software engineer or the person who launched tthe drone or perhaps the politian who bought the drone in the first place? It's a legal minefield.
  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Inshallah! Genius, pure genius.
  14. Write Allah Akbar on them and they,re safe
  15. You mean like this:
    BAE Systems Taranis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Apprently the whole toy aircraft thing is one where we're still rather good at.

    Bet they'll jsut trot out some Booky bearded type who says its ok if you're thrawting the minions of Evil or some such. complete with refrences that no bugger has ever heard of before.
    Come on you know what religions are like.