Iranian students attack british embassy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Apr 1, 2007.

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  2. From where I am sitting it does not look like a good sign.
    How is time working against them? they appear to be holding all the cards.
  3. What cards? I agree with Sergei, Iran looks like a backward child playing stupid games. I hope they realise their mistake before someone gets harmed.
  4. I agree with suits, I watched some clips of it on BBC 24, and there are Iranian police and (what looks like) troops guarding the embassy… they are shouting things like ‘death to England’ (BBC quote), looks like they have the full backing of the Iranian public...

    So Iran does hold all the cards…
    They have the sailors and marines, they are feeding them, caring for them…
    They are guarding our embassy…
    And they have the backing of the Iranian people…

    That put them in a pretty strong position to keep the sailors and marines for as long as they like…
  5. CNN quoted Embassy spokeswoman as saying it was not violent and a few firecrackers were thrown - it is Persian New Year - and i suppose the crowd had been paid and organised. Sergei has my vote that the Iranians are in a hole and looking for flag-waving symbolism to help our media undermine our case
  6. metaphorical sh*t slowly hitting the fan.
  7. Dont forget the Uk Embassy is located on Bobby Sands Street

    I know its a very narrow street etc
  8. Iran would be up in arms, if we started doing that to the Iranian embassy?
  9. Our people give the Teheran Embassy address as 198 Ferdowsi Avenue. (Ferdowsi was an even more important poet to the Persians/Iranians than Omar Khayyam.)

    Good to see the FCO have seemingly taken their own line on this one.
  10. I'm listening just now a discussion about Iran on NTV (TV-4).

    There are interesting participants: a senior MP (mr.Kosachev), politologists with very close links to the Kremlin.

    Main points expressed:

    Iran has never been a friend (or ally) of Russia or Soviet union. Just some years ago Iranian leaders called Russia as a 'small satan'. Iran now expresses dissatisfaction by Russian position in UNSC. But the Iranians will not see any form of support from Russia. All agreed that later or sooner USA will strike Iran.

    The experts agreed that current policy of Iranian regime is unrealistic and the Iranians overestimate their abilities. According to the opinion of one politologist Iran is indeed developing nuclear weapons (similar opinion was expressed few days ago by another senior MP mr.Margelov) and all participats agreed that it is against Russian interests.
  11. My Chinese PLA friends believe it will happen this year

    I have yet to find anyone that would disagree with this viewpoint
  12. I wonder if you offered any of those chanting "Death to England" etc British citizenship, would they turn it down? Me-thinks not!
  13. If the regime wanted to stub out such demos they could at will. The Iranians hold the cards in so far as all their actions and rhetoric (prior to the seizure of the RN/RM personel) always flew in the face of int'l criticism and the West generally. Their image in the West is not as important to them.
  14. Hang on .....

    I am getting the right end of the stick here..

    They detain our personnel and then attack our embassy?

    Persian New Year - do they always throw rocks ate the British Embassy at this time of year?

    Fcuk me what would they do if we detained their pax.

    Rent a crowd seems to be the order of the day here, to gain what - I'm feckin clueless.