Iranian spypost in the Gulf

From the Telegraph: Here

British forces are also on high alert in an attempt to prevent any repeat of the March incident. “The Revolutionary Guard navy comes out every day to cruise around on their side of the line in their fast patrol boats and drop of supplies at their surveillance base,” one said.

“Every one is being very careful. The last thing anyone wants is for things to get out of control by mistake.

“The northern Gulf continues to be tense with the Americans and Iranians keeping a close eye on each other. Both sides sends out patrol boats to watch the other side and they have both set up bases packed with spy gear – loads of radars and cameras.”

British personnel said that Iranian activity had forced them to rethink their priorities in the Gulf: “Up to March, when our sailors were captured by the Iranians, coalition patrols concentrated on protecting Iraq’s oil export terminals from al-Qaeda suicide bombers.

"Now watching the Iranians is our top priority........

Since the Iranians are actively supporting the terrorists in Southern Iraq, how long before they supply them with things like anti ship missiles, as they did with Hezbollah last year.

Worrying stuff!
Squiddly said:
"What happened to the "if you feed a terrorist or clothe a terrorist, you're a terrorist" rhetoric?
Its just one of those meaningless rediculous statements same as that 'If your not with us your against us' crap.

If you believe in that statement then the Yanks and I suspect the UK are terrorists as well.
whats to stop a Tanker from "accidentally" crashng into a Spy ship , especially in the dark :D


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Maybe we could help them test their new spy station by allowing them to watch us grab some of their boats. That'd learn'em!

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