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Iranian Revolutionary Guard presence in Iraq

Should Britain back any US strike on Iran ?

  • Definitely - shoulder to shoulder just like Eye Rack

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  • You re kidding me right ?

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  • Depends on the circumstances

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  • Emphatically not -and the sooner we are out of Iraq the better

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  • Whether we back Uncle Sam or not is,sadly, irrelevant

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[ mods - I did think of adding this to the 59 page Op Persian Freedom thread - but it's actually more about Iraq than Iran. ]

From the blog of an Iraqi girl living in Baghdad - it's called BAGHDAD BURNING . The book has been nominated for something called the Samuel Johnstone prize this year...

Source: http://www.riverbendblog.blogspot.com/

It was around 9 pm on the 11th of April (2003) when we finally saw the footage of Saddam’s statue being pulled down by American troops- the American flag plastered on his face. We watched, stunned, as Baghdad was looted and burned by hordes of men, being watched and saluted by American soldiers in tanks. Looking back at it now, it is properly ironic that our first glimpses of the ‘fall of Baghdad’ and the occupation of Iraq came to us via Iran- through that Iranian channel.

We immediately began hearing about the Iranian revolutionary guard, and how they had formed a militia of Iraqis who had defected to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. We heard how they were already inside of the country and were helping to loot and burn everything from governmental facilities to museums. The Hakims and Badr made their debut, followed by several other clerics with their personal guard and militias, all seeping in from Iran.

Today they rule the country. Over the duration of three years, and through the use of vicious militias, assassinations and abductions, they’ve managed to install themselves firmly in the Green Zone. We constantly hear our new puppets rant and rave against Syria, against Saudi Arabia, against Turkey, even against the country they have to thank for their rise to power- America… But no one dares to talk about the role Iran is planning in the country.

The last few days we’ve been hearing about Iranian attacks on northern Iraq- parts of Kurdistan that are on the Iranian border. Several sites were bombed and various news sources are reporting Iranian troops by the thousand standing ready at the Iraqi border. Prior to this, there has been talk of Iranian revolutionary guard infiltrating areas like Diyala and even parts of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, the new puppets (simply a rotation of the same OLD puppets), after taking several months to finally decide who gets to play the role of prime minister, are now wrangling and wrestling over the ‘major’ ministries and which political party should receive what ministry. The reason behind this is that as soon as a minister is named from, say, SCIRI, that minister brings in ‘his people’ to key positions- his relatives, his friends and cronies, and most importantly- his personal militia. As soon as Al-Maliki was made prime minister, he announced that armed militias would be made a part of the Iraqi army (which can only mean the Badrists and Sadr’s goons).

A few days ago, we were watching one of several ceremonies they held after naming the new prime minister. Talbani stood in front of various politicians in a large room in the Green Zone and said, rather brazenly, that Iraq would not stand any ‘tadakhul’ or meddling by neighboring countries because Iraq was a ‘sovereign country free of foreign influence’. The cousin almost fainted from laughter and E. was wiping his eyes and gasping for air… as Talbani pompously made his statement- all big belly and grins- smiling back at him was a group of American army commanders or generals and to his left was Khalilzad, patting him fondly on the arm and gazing at him like a father looking at his first-born!

So while Iraqis are dying by the hundreds, with corpses turning up everywhere (last week they found a dead man in the open area in front of my cousins daughters school), the Iraqi puppets are taking their time trying to decide who gets to do the most stealing and in which ministry. Embezzlement, after all, is not to be taken lightly- one must give it the proper amount of thought and debate- even if the country is coming unhinged.

As for news of the new Iraqi army, it isn’t going as smoothly as Bush and his crew portray. Today we watched footage of Iraqi soldiers in Anbar graduating. The whole ceremony was quite ordinary up until nearly the end- their commander announced they would be deployed to various areas and suddenly it was chaos. The soldiers began stripping their fatigues and throwing them around, verbally attacking their seniors and yelling and shoving. They were promised, when they signed up for the army in their areas, that they would be deployed inside of their own areas- which does make sense. There is news that they are currently on strike- refusing to be deployed outside of their own provinces.
One can’t help but wonder if the ‘area’ they were supposed to be deployed to was the north of Iraq? Especially with Iranian troops on the border… Talbani announced a few days ago that the protection of Kurdistan was the responsibility of Iraq and I completely agree for a change- because Kurdistan IS a part of Iraq. Before he made this statement, it was always understood that only the Peshmerga would protect Kurdistan- apparently, against Iran, they aren’t nearly enough.

The big question is- what will the US do about Iran? There are the hints of the possibility of bombings, etc. While I hate the Iranian government, the people don’t deserve the chaos and damage of air strikes and war. I don’t really worry about that though, because if you live in Iraq- you know America’s hands are tied. Just as soon as Washington makes a move against Tehran, American troops inside Iraq will come under attack. It’s that simple- Washington has big guns and planes… But Iran has 150,000 American hostages.
Apologies to those who have already seen in an earlier thread...I thought it was worth posting this extract....the blog is worth reading.

Le Chevre - << En avant Le Weekend ? Laissez le bon temps R-o-o-o-ulez!! >>
Interesting, but entirly logical. If there's a country who has spent the last 3 1/2 years sabre rattling in your general direction, wouldn't it make sense to try and tie them down somewhere else?

Took a look at the blog though, riveting stuff. What else do we know about this girl?


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crabtastic said:
Interesting, but entirly logical. If there's a country who has spent the last 3 1/2 years sabre rattling in your general direction, wouldn't it make sense to try and tie them down somewhere else?

Took a look at the blog though, riveting stuff. What else do we know this girl?
Couldn't find a pic.....doubt she's a hotty somehow though standing by to be delighted and surprised.........the piece on her 80 year old "Bibi Z" produced a pretty poignant quote:

" I was born under a foreign occupation. I never thought I'd die under one too."
Much has been made of Iranians supplying arms to the Muj. Christopher Allbritton, who does not swallow Pentagon propaganda easily, reckons there is some truth in it.

The black op bit of the Pasdaran, the Qods force, is operating in Iraq. It was known to be at work in Iraq ever since the Iran-Iraq war, especially in the Shi'a South, Langley did raise this as a risk before this war. Activity has escalated since we invaded according to some and it would be odd if this was otherwise. Though as Badr Brigade is IRGC trained and has invested the Interior Ministry they may not need many Persian boots on the ground.


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Thanks for the link to Colonel Pat's blog - useful.

I read the letter from the NGO worker in ( I guess) July 2003 with some interest as I was in country then.

I am not one of those who touts British soft COIN skills over US - the American CIMIC people we were alongside - mostly reservists - risked their lives every single day they were in country rather than sitting behind concrete chicanes and guarded enclaves....

Bremer may have been a patriot but there were some very odd decisions being made by ORHA.....and TRUCKLOADS of dollar bills washing about.

Whatever comes next in Iraq , Britain and US have moved mountains to bring the country back from the devastation left by sanctions, Saddam and the War To Get Rid.......the sooner we leave the Iraqi people, not in the lurch, but free - for good or ill - to resolve their own destiny the better.

Lee Shaver
Riverbend has been outed on lots of other blogs as being probably a member of a well off family possibly an ambassador to the US or Europe who worked for Saddam and is now worse off because they are no longer employed and paid by their beloved dictator. She has also been accused of making up stories about US building firms, local non-Saddam supporters' corruption etc.

I used to read her but stopped when all the different stories she was coming out with about electricity cuts etc were not tying with other Iraqi bloggers such as Iraqthemodel and even the original Salem Pax. She has an agenda like most blogs obviously but her's was, to my mind, tainted by her origins as one of Saddam's mates hence her hatred of the Americans and the new Iraqi politicians.

On the Iranian angle did anyone see the news reports that Iranian agents had been seen in the area just prior to the three Italians being killed the other week? Wonder how many of our forces have been killed directly or indirectly by Iranians or their IEDs? And why are we not bringing pressure on the Iranians NOW.
On the subject of the poll.

The Mullahs are an awful bunch of reactionary bastards who are bent on sustaining and expanding their revolution and unfortunately have benefited hugely from the fall of Saddam. However I don't think the US has any practical military option on Iran without flushing Iraq and the world economy down the toilet. I also don't think Dubya gives a rats arse what anybody other than the GOP base thinks and unfortunately he is a bold man of faith. It may happen.

I'd recommend Pat Lang's blog on this. If the Yanks start building up armor in Kuwait I'd worry. The Colonel thinks the Israelis can't do it and wants to apply the full might of USAF and has been looking at the various angles. There were a number of posts on how Iran might respond, with Pat suggesting our lines of supply in the Shi'a South are vunerable. This by Erasmus looked at the worst case.


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uh....thanks, but I'll wait for Castlereagh ( who is a ME policy wonk) to set me straight on this stuff rather than, no disrespect, an embittered ex spook.

seems to me that Bendy River, no matter what her antecedents, has a more authentic voice than anybody posting from Alexandria or Tysons Corner.....and who stands to gain from discrediting her?....um....the current regime in DC by any chance?

Its all too difficult for an ole goat.....professional paranoia gets the better of us all after a while....'what's the motivation?...where is she coming from ?....what's the angle? ?

maybe the angle is :...I'm p1ssed off...my life is sh1t...and its YOUR fault....

( the day I left Iraq it was 53 degrees Centigrade in the shade. and rising ... ..imagine enduring three years of that without air con that you KNOW would be available if only the freakin' electricity was on for more than four hours a day....imagine Biloxi in midsummer - with power rationing....)

Lee Shaver

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