Iranian reactor explosion

The news seems to be reporting an unconfirmed explosion at Bushehr. If its true is this the Isralies or just bad safety? I suppose time will tell.
Whats Hebrew for "Nothing to do with us, Gov"

גוגל הוא חבר שלך

אתה מתכוון שאני לא יכול לעשן סיגר ליד אלה תופים גדולה של דלק, אשר רק במקרה ליד חדר איזוטופ לא מאובטח


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Cool, I've just been medically downgraded which means when WW3 kicks off I get to stay at home and **** your wives.

That's the second explosion in sensitive Iranian scientific targets in 14 days, I suspect that they are entirely unrelated!


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Dream on; when WW3 kicks off the gub'mint will call up anyone under the age of Dead.:twisted:
No chance mate, I've got a biff chit. The mob aren't gonna send me to war in ****ing Silver shads. This is the first time in ten years of service that I've been on light duties and I'm gonna milk this ****** for all it's worth.

Don't spoil my dream.
Nope. Nothing happened. This bloke says nothing happened, alright?

“So far no report of a major explosion has been heard from any government body in Isfahan,” Deputy Governor Mohammad Mehdi was quoted as saying by the semi-official news agency.


I wonder if the Iranians would even accuse Israel, even if it was the IDF? Maybe they are eager to avoid confrontation too?

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