Iranian president says celestial light protected him at UN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gallowglass, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Ah yes, a 'reasonable fellow we can do business with'....surely I am not alone in thinking this guy is crackers?

    The Scotsman
    Friday 2 Dec 2005

    Iranian president says celestial light protected him at UN

    Iran's hardline president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, claims a celestial green "light" descended on him when he addressed world leaders at the United Nations.

    The aura also transfixed his audience, who sat unblinking for nearly half an hour as he spoke, he claimed. In a video published on an Iranian website, Mr Ahmadinejad says that someone present at the UN when he addressed the General Assembly in September told him: "When you began with the words 'In the name of God ...' I saw a light coming, surrounding you and protecting you."

    The president added: "I felt it myself, too, that suddenly the atmosphere changed and ... the leaders could not blink. I had opened their eyes and ears for the message of the Islamic Republic."

    That message went down badly with many countries, however, as the president insisted on Iran's right to control its nuclear fuel cycle for energy purposes.
  2. More like "Tin-Foil Hat protected me".
  3. Is David Icke a member of his entourage? :?
  4. Yay yet another lunatic in power.
    The American president believes he’s on a mission from god to save the world, the Iranian president believes he’s protected by god :roll:
    Separated at birth from the local zoo perhaps?
    Anyone else think it was either a green spot light or maybe even hashish?
  5. Hi!

    There is no direct reference in the Scotsman. So is it simply an anecdote or not? Who knows? Anyway I don't see anything strange or sinister even if it is true.

    Iranian president is not a fool at all. He faith is deep but can we (really mainly atheists) blame him for it?

    Let's look at what he said in UN

    At least there I support him.

    Is he right? Probably yes.

    Note, Mohammad was mentioned in the end.

    At least it is reasonable.

    Well said.

    He is right by the way.
  6. This was covered on the (BBC or Sky News?) news last night. According to that source, a DVD of the interview in which the Iranian President made the claims is currently circulating in Iranian society. Footage of Ahmadinejad talking to a senior conservative cleric - where he made the claims - was shown with a simultaneous English translation. I agree that The Scotsman article is very brief, and I am surprised that the story does not seem to have been flagged by some of the more obvious news media sources. However, whilst there will be some who will no doubt dismiss what Ahmadinejad says as being little more than 'for domestic consumption', and containing elements of 'peace talk' as KGB_r has highlighted, didn't a certain fellow by the name of A. Hitler similarly engage in this sort of blood-curdling 'for domestic consumption only' speak, and similarly stress how he wanted security for Germany and peace in Europe? I'm happy enough for however happens to be the lunatic-in-resident in Teheran to blow off this sort of steam for the next decade or three if that's what makes him feel all warm and fuzzy about himself, but it looks increasingly likely that the regime in Teheran will very soon have nuclear weapons - will it therefore still be possible to simply dismiss this as being 'for domestic consumption only'?
  7. George Bush wants security for America and democracy and peace for the rest of the world (greater ambitions than one Mr A Hitler) He also believes that God talks to him. Also as a millennialist, he wants all the Jews in Israel so the apocalypse can come. But is he a scarier loonsince he does have nuclear weapons? Or do you accept that what ever your religious beliefs, most people are capable of self preserving rationality?
  8. Iranian president says celestial light protected him at UN

    Iran's hardline president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, claims a celestial green "light" descended on him when he addressed world leaders at the United Nations

    so what? george bush claims he hears voices in his head direct from god. so take your pick. which religious fundamentalist is worse? (or the more deluded)
  9. He was, in effect, speaking to his priest. So it is not surprising he was talking about religious matters.

    As pointed out, other leaders closer to home seem to believe they have a direct and unique hotline to the heavens.
  10. Ah World leaders, what would we do without them ?