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Iranian Nuclear Programme Suffers a Wee Glitch....

Trump is a classic Narcissist. After being humiliated by Biden, and his attempts to overturn the election through legal challenges only succeeding in making him look even more pathetic, he will be desperate for some kind of revenge. Setting off a major armed conflict in the Middle East during his last weeks would at least give him the satisfaction of leaving Biden a huge problem to overcome in his first days in office.
The last Democratic President Obama released billions to Iran which only went to further its nuclear program and more trouble making. Very little saw its way to the general population.

One fears ‘Soft Sleepy Joe’ will be as soft on that country, that like China and NK, only respects strength and a robust response to their aggressive intentions!!

He has already stated his intent to relax on China...IMHO a major mistake.

China probes with steel, and where they meet a soft soggy response, press forward hard.

This latest development with the leader of the Iranian nuclear weapons program is the only language Iran understands.

As in the elimination of General Suleiman, they have threatened Armageddon but produced only hot air, though that is not to underestimate their malign intentions.
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so now that nuclear physicist no 1 has been slotted, did he have a deputy or somebody else who will take his place? I note that the last time the Izzies didn't slot a top bod in a nuclear programme in a neigbouring country nobody was in a rush to take over.
Whilst the loss of the top dog will doubtless hurt, the removal of those further down the chain, the engineers and technicians actually doing the work and the places they do it, would be more disruptive. Can't build buckets of instant sunshine if you've no one that knows how to do it or somewhere for them to do it.

Not that there haven't been tragic accidents in Iran before of course.

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