Iranian national held for arms smuggling in 'stan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Uzbeck, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. Any nation that smuggles weapons to Afghan insurgents whilst a world power is fighting and sacrificing its soldiers to bring stability and development to the country deserve what's coming to them.
  2. UK and USA, stingers, mujhadeen, Soviet Union, Afghanistan anyone? We all know it goes on, the Iranian/Afghan border is hardly secure. Doen't make it right but hardly areason to rev up the outrage jinglie!
  3. What would that be then?

    Last I saw the Iranians had made some preperation for distibuting arms, training for resistance by insurgency and so on. Last thing anyone in the west would want is to go after them on the ground.

    Blowing stuff from high, fast and stealthy platforms might be about the most hostile action we might take I would guess...if it came to that.
  4. What is it about this story that grips you? Is the idea that arms smuggling into Afghanistan occurs; Iranian nationals are involved in this lucrative business; or that NATO actually managed to capture someone?

    Personally, I think the third option is the only 'interesting' element to those of an unbiased disposition not trying to bang some obnoxious drum peddling anti-Iranian garbage.
  5. It is indeed the latter. As you say its not exactly surprising that arms smuggling occurs and its no surprise that its an Iranian. What intrests me is that the person has been named as a member of the RevGuards and the text of the article implies he had been under surveliance for some time. To flip the coin:- Finding a British cit involed in dodgy arms deals in a third party nation is one thing. Finding a Serving officer of HM Forces doing so would be quite another. I'll be intrested to see what the Iranians have to say about it. I suspect the nabbed Iranian might have been 'retired', 'on leave' or 'visiting familly' etc etc. But its just that...intresting....rather than OMFG we have them to rights this time.
  6. Uzbek,

    Do you know much about Iran? Just interested, are the Revolutionary Guards an established part of their regular forces, or some sort of religiously motivated auxillary? Your point is a good one, if a Brit Soldier where caught doing this sort of thing it would certainly be a bit different to the odd civi extremist getting out to Pakistan for a bit of Jihad tourism!
  7. I know a bit. I'm no expert of course. I stand to be corrected by those that really know the ground and people.

    The IRG are more like a combination of the SS and SD in Nazi Germany than anything else I can bring to mind this early in the morning. maybe the Interior Ministry combined with KGB from USSR days? In that they originally existed as an internal mover in the revolution and then moved on to securing the state internaly and exporting the ideaolgy externaly. The Basij are pretty much as you describe but I _think_ are not on paper part of the IRG but answer to them...and are basicaly a millita. The proper IRG live and train on military bases and now the old guard are retired or dead in the Iran-Iraq war then recruitment is pretty much at birth. Recruits come from cobat veterans and the offspring imans and are educated in special schools, live on base etc. The guy who's been nabbed is alleged to be member of the 'Quds Force' which is full on IRG special purpose 'export the revolution' unit. However claiming that any Iranian with any ties to IRG is a member of Quds when found abroad would be pretty much par for the course. Like claiming any Isreali is Mossad...

    So. Intresting. I will be intrested to see what, if any, proof that this guy is really IRG can be produced and what the reaction from Iran will be to that.
  8. In Iraq, US/UK spinmeisters spent a disproportionate amount of their effort trying to blame sumebody else for the failures of their own masters; Iran was a favourite target. All manner of speculation and hypothetical instance was pointed towards Tehran to 'excuse' or 'explain' why things were not going as swimmingly as expected. Little stuck - even the IED mud slinging.

    So, tell me what's different with this piece.

    The UK has close to 10,000 military personnel in Afghanistan, the US has almost 100,000. They are there, allegedly, to enhance homeland security by fighting the evil Islamofascists on away ground rather than home ground.

    Why should we be surprised to learn that Iran may have sent a few military personnel across the border into Afghanistan to enhance their own security too? Surely it is better for them to see inter-tribal violence and bloodletting on the far side of their border than on home territory.

    If 'we' have the 'right' to meddle in the internal bloodletting (civil war) in Afghanistan, why doesn't Iran? Surely it is of FAR greater interest to them than us.
  9. Given the fact that the US and UK fought shy of admitting ANY Iranian involvement Iraq it is interesting that this was in the press. Even more so given that a fairly recent News reports on arms smuggling over the western border saw a few points where the ANA/ANP officers were stopped from blaming the Iranians by minders
  10. Of course I'd expect Iran to be keeping an eye on things next door. The question is 'how far does official involvement go?'. Iran has been accused of training IED makers etc in the past. It didnt really stick. Even when a Iranian RG General was lifted by US troops. This time the allegations are in actual supply of munitions. I expect the RG mantain their own sources and possibly even factories...are they directly supplying from these or is it more handslength?
    If I were running the show in Iran I'd certainly be wanting to see the Us and allies withdrawing with a somewhat bloody nose from both Iraq and Afghanistan....and so far it rather looks like thats whats happening. Iran seems to playing a rather carefull and clever long haul game. Their cull of the nuttier 'Human wave attack' elements of the IRQ and replacement with more moderate, millitary experienced, commanders has made the IRG a much more usefull force...and lets face it the regular "Sepāh" millitary would likely not last any better than Saddams Army did in the teeth of US/NATO heavy metal. A fanatical force, lead by professionals who train for insurgency and who have a large millita and armouries to equip them on call....well that really is a deterrent from rolling into Iran.

    So yeah, I'm intrested to see what evidence there is for this guy actualy being IRG and what the responce will be. As to Iran...I think they're playing a limited hand with some brilliance. Bstds.
  11. The reliability of the accusations has to be questionned. Nevertheless, even assuming them to be accurate, I still fail to see what 'news' there is in this.

    If I were a major power-broker in Iran, I'd be significantly more involved in Afghanistan than they are now, and inevitably that would lead to even greater opportunity for NATO et al to wag fingers.

    Frankly, 'we' should be HUGELY grateful that the Iranians are not more engaged in Afghanistan than they actually are.
  12. I take your point WC. However given this forum:- THE IRG could well be behind both the training and much of the actual material used to create IED's in both theatres. And so death and injury to 'our' forces including posters here. Given 'realpolitic' does this surprise me? Not at all. But I do think its news and I'll be intrested to see how it turns out.

    I know various American pundits were predicting the IRG and Sepāh pooring across the border into Iraq a few years ago. It might even have worked as well if they'd have tied up the Gulf a little. However I think the current Iranian headshed are far to bright to risk a stand up fight they might loose and they have learnt the lessons of GW1 and 2 very well indeed. Something the Uk millitary has yet to do. Iran watching in Iraq, later in 2015 'stan and the wider regional picture will be one to make cold war spooks hearts glad...
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The semi-autonomous 'state within a state' that is the IRG makes for a fascinating subject and I'd be interested to know if you could recommend any further reading material on them? I wonder, with their commercial interests and cradle to grave membership, how much they are trying to emulate a kind of Janissaries Corps. More to the point do they plough their own furrow when it comes to foreign policy? An interesting (though not entirely convincing) article here about their economic position here: Subsidy reforms threaten legitimacy of Ahmadinejad | Meir Javedanfar | Comment is free |
  14. Prior to March 2003, Iraqis were educated and intelligent enough to be capable of building WMD that could strike the UK within 45 mins. Post April 2003, they were not educated or intelligent enough to be capable of pipe bombs and shaped charges. Allegedly. So it must have been the Iranians. Allegedly.

    Spin, spin, PROPAGANDA SPIN for the ignorant....

    Please do not try to derail a sensible discussion concerning international relations/interactions and strategic interest by trying to discredit opposing arguments with this nonsense. UK troops are being hurt and killed in Afghanistan because UK politicians chose to send them there. If you, or anybody else, thinks that 'we' have the 'right' to foreign intervention AND a free ride, then I suggest a cold shower is in order.

    It is only 'news' if it turns out to be a) accurate; and b) making a difference to the whole. The only 'news' I see so far is that NATO thinks it has actually achieved something significant!