Iranian Missiles now able to reach European Capital Cities

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by VerminWA, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. I read with trepidation that Iranian missiles can now reach some European capitals after receiving Russian help It seems they have brokered a deal between Iran and North Korea. Strange as it also puts Moscow well in range?

    Edited to correct a spelling mistake, I must remember, I before E except after C, sometimes I'm just plain dumb!
  2. Can't hit us yet though.

  3. Have you been to Brussels?

    Not really a shame then, is it?
  4. Probably you mean this article

    I suspect that namely 'Western intelligence officials' believe that 'former members of the Russian military have been secretly helping Iran'. They probably haven't information and only 'believe'. They also believed that there were WMD in Iraq.

    Unnamed 'senior American official said'

    So simply ask mr.Putin.

    Again 'is believed'.

    There is nothing concrete in this article. Only belief, suggestions and suppositions.
  5. Of course there's nothing concrete, I was more interested in the fact that if this were true it puts Moscow well within range too.
  6. Well would the Argentinians fire there exocets at France?
  7. "They" claimed, in a certain dossier, that Iraq had a WMD capability which could reach Cyprus.
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I have firm "evidence" from "they" that these are of a similar design to the famous intercontinental ballistic missiles that Saddam secretly developed; in fact, come to think of it Hans Blix failed to track these well known missiles down, in spite of all the proof submitted by those bastions of truth, Messers Blair and Bush.

    I think we may determine that these are the same missiles that have merely been snuck across the border.
  9. Or maybe it's the same intelligence half-truth being regurgitated with a subtle change from Q to N (Iraq - Iran).
  10. Yeah, right.
    Sounds to much like the "verbals" they used before Gulf War II(This Time It's Personnal).
    I do not, of course, trust the Iranians with nuclear weapons. In fact, I wouldn't trust the cammel-fcukers with a Swiss Army knife. But all of this just sounds way too familiar.
  11. Ahhhhhh Con Coughlin,

    Thought I'd heard the name before.

    Remember this little gem?

    Con's *cough* concern with Iran goes back some way too

    There was also something I remember, though I may be wrong, about him having to select emergency crash reverse over some story of Ghaddafi deciding to print some funny money, or was it linking Saddam with terrorist leaders? Not sure which, my memories going in my doteage.
  12. The missile story was treated with contempt the first time around by most of the uniformed personnel I knew - I worked in a major headquarters where most people were particularly well-informed with regard to such matters. The notion that Saddam could have launched WMD capable missiles at Cyprus was laughably pathetic. This fiction is equally risible.
  13. I wonder why mr.Coughlin hasn't found WMD in Saudi Arabia?

  14. I actually feel for Coughlin, it's come to a stage where you just can't believe a word he writes.

    But you are actually spot on with the two examples: -

    On the 'fake money' story, Coughlin actually accused Gaddafi's son Saif of being involved in the plot. Saif Gaddafi sued the paper for libel and won.

    Libel Story

    The Saddam and the terrorist stories: Could it be the Mohammed Atta and Saddam story? Even Ahmed Chalabi and the INC dismissed that story. Otherwise, it could be any one of a number of stories linking Saddam to AQ. Examples of these stories include the Coughlin exclusives that: 'Saddam killed Abu Nidal because he refused to train AQ' and 'Abu Nidal did indeed personally train Mohammed Atta '. 8O
  15. But it must be true, they all got medals :lol: