Iranian military shoots down US aircraft.... breaking news

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. no link as yet
  2. And so where did you hear it from...?
  3. hmmmmmm skynews ticker reckons they shot down a us drone in eastern iran to be honest i think its more bollacks from Tehran but we see how it pans out
  4. So the Iranians are at it again, third time this year.......... Allegedly an unmanned U.S. spy plane flying over the holy city of Qom near the uranium enrichment Fordu site was shot down by the Revolutionary Guards’ air-defence units - slight problem, no wreckage!!
  5. I think that if an Iranian drone was flying over London we would shoot it down. Where is the news here?
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  6. The Iranians are now saying the drone they shot down has minimal damage so we might get to see a pic of it?
  7. PRESS TV (Irainian) is saying that it is a drone and was brought down with minimum damage to the aircraft.
  8. They are what again? The US sent a drone into their territory, and the Iranians shot it down. It seems to me that it is the US that are at it again. They will insist on being provocative.

    No wreckage, the news has just broken, give it time and let the details come out before making assumptions.
  9. IF it's an RQ-170, not good.
  10. Why is it "not good" ?
  11. Loosing your lastest wizzy toy is never good.
  12. Iranian state TV "al alam" reported that the Iranian military Declared it has downed a RQ-170 UAV, which tried to penetrate Iran's airspace through eastern borders. According to semi-Official Fars News Agency, Iranian Electronic Warfare Units managed to take control of the UAV and force it to land in iran with minor damage
  13. isn't it their newest shiny bit of stealth kit? Not much on binternet about it other than still regarded as classified
  14. This is going to get way out of hand if they find out the pilot is a jolly fat guy in a red suit.....
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