Iranian leader denies Holocaust

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DrStealth, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. hes stated it again,

    ffs, is he gagging for iran to be bombed back into the stone age?

    i'm begining to think hes a mossad 5th columnist plant to aid the us/israeli in the overthrow of revolutionary iran. (<facecious sarcasm)

  2. Yep, he's not mad.. :roll:
  3. And of course it's the Americans' fault that we don't get along with them. All their fault. My arrse.

    The question is: what's he building up to? What's his precise agenda? This to me sounds like the potential equivalent of Bush's WMD speeches in 2002; maybe there's less of an immediate follow-up on the cards, who knows. :roll:

    Damn, should've gone into intelligence, I'd be having a blast.
  4. The man is barking mad. But all this bodes badly for the region - don't pack your desert combats away just yet, lads!

    However mad he is, I have to agree with him that moving 'Israel' to America is an excellent idea.
  5. Yes, and while we're at it, we should repatriate all Protestants from NI , all English from Gibraltar, all crims from Australia, all Kiwis from New Zealand, all WASPs from the Atlantic US, all these people should be moved to the UK. That'll help the housing market.
    Nah, I say give the Israelis South Dakota and the "Palestinians" North Dakota, then irradiate the former Israel so that no one can have it except the Lord himself. Now, that makes sense. I'm appearing on O'Reilly to propose this next Friday.

  6. Back?

    So why the president, obviously not a fool at all, is so bald in his speechs? Probably he tests American political will and we see the result.
  8. One would hope, for the sake of the regime in Teheran, that the Iranian President knows what he is doing - if Ahmadinejad is wrong, then he will be either at the job centre or in the morgue before long.
  9. If, as is commonly reported, the moderate (not a tautology) Iranian establishment is hardening its attitudes against Ahmadinejad, his continued attempts to excite the popular vote may backfire against him and provoke a (peaceful) coup. His utterances to date have all the hallmarks of one who is seeking to unite his nation against an (perceived) external threat. Why? Well, there is still a strong urge in the predominantly young population to look to the west (MTV culture and all that) and generating a united front against it is a good way to deflect the coming (?) revolution. Heck, look to N Korea for a current template. Its also a good means for Ahmadinejad to legitimise the removal of his political opponents within the Iranian theocracy: if they don't agree with him they are sympathisers with the infidel, they are traitors and all that guff. I think the utterances made elsewhere on this site that the Iranians are seeking to establish a Greater Shi-ite Iran are a little alarmist. Iran needs to stabilise itself first and building a fortified nation through fear of external threats is one way of doing it.
  10. If one wanted to be exceptionally conspiratorial (perhaps coating one's whole body in tinfoil, not just a hat) one would point to the benefits the current Presidents of Iraq and the USA derive from the rantings of the other. Each makes statements seen by the home audience as defending their way of life but seen by the away crowd as the paranoid ravings of a deluded madman with a WMD capability. Opposition to the incumbent is therefore unpatriotic. Cue consolidation of power and sidelining of opponents.
  11. It is typical of the Iranian style to have himself spouting venom, so that Iran can continue to play "Home of Radical Islam" to the rest of the Islamic world - meanwhile the real Diplomatic corps are talking more sensibly on the QT. Note that this outburst comes a week or two after the Septics put out a press release about how negotiations with Tehran were going well ?

    None of this should ever be taken at face value....
  12. If you are really an Eagle the kill all the Hens!
  13. Mad asa fish and twice as stupid. Chances of real Western investment in Iran...Null points.
  14. Anyone feel like pulling over an upturned crate with me on the edge of the Med, cracking a few beers and warming our paws on the Sunshine...?
  15. Quite so

    - "I say sarnian old man, isn't that Persia that's just gone kaboom?"

    - "Indeed gallowglass old bean, a frightful shower with an absolute bounder for a president. Another tipple?"