Iranian ICBM Pending, Administration Says

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. "A top Bush administration official" told the Associated Press that Iran is "trying to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile."

    This new missile, when operational, would be capable of striking Europe and, possibly, the United States, he said.

    He added that the missile would be capable of lofting a nuclear warhead or a biological warhead.

    He said that the new missile is being developed with the assistance of North Korea, China, and unnamed states which were formerly part of the USSR.

    "Bush Administration Suspects Iran Developing ICBM"
  2. Either another reason to move east a few miles, if the source is anything like reliable or another 'mission impossible' from our friends in the White House.

    S'funny when you look at it, you invent something over fifty years ago then spend the next 100 years ensuring the rest of the world 'uninvent it'. What goes around, comes around suppose.
  3. ...................If you want to listen to King George II's administration yet again. Look where thats got us so far.

    My only prediction is it aint going to get any better.
  4. An unfriendly, middle eastern government with WMD capable of hitting europe with no warning. Is it just me, or does that does sound like somthing I heard before, I can't remenber where........ 8O

    will the US public accecpt it AGAIN?.........

    What am I saying :?:

    of course they will :oops:
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ..course they are you sap. This'll be the same administration(slight return)
    that assured the world that Saddam was weeks from developing WMD and successfully deluded the American people into thinking that he also bankrolled 9/11 ?

    How come every damn post I read of yours is about the Iranian threat to the American Way sport ?

    read my lips: A) Iran is no threat to the British people
    B) There are no British interests threatened by Iran
    C) Only one country in the Middle East would benefit from a
    war between the US (and satraps) and Iran .

    guess who ?

    Hint: Ariel Sharon is currently in charge.
  6. The only reason to send british troops to iran is too help them close their afgan borders to stop heroin coming through which is a direct threat to this country .
  7. I agree that Sharon is a slimey excuse for a turd but the fact is Iran isn't exactly a friendly place - remember all the terrorists they produced in the 80s? The Iranian seige? The US embassy bombing?

    Plus they're probably in Iraq at the moment having a go at our boys. They deserve everything they get...
  8. I report these US government pronouncements because I believe that they are significant; my posting does not necessarily imply that I personally endorse the statements of the US government or its functionaries.

    For instance, I'm of the view that the fact that the US government apparently claims that development of an Iranian ICBM is underway is significant regardless of whether the claim itself is true or not.

    One reason why these announcements might be important is because they might imply that the US government has already decided that it will launch, or, at least, assist, a strike against Iraq and is attempting to prepare a receptive climate of public opinion.
  9. Yet another 'biting of ones own arrse' syndrome.

    Check out what kit the IIAF uses and who err sold it to them. OK, the kit sold to them is now totally out of date and most of it is in the knackers yard but one can come to the same conclusion as was the Mujahideen and funding and fingers in pies and biting the hand that the fingers were attatched to and get the drift.

    Top tip, USA, stop fcuking about with the world, stop basing foriegn policy on Hollywood, stop trying to suggest to the old world you have new ideas to solve world peace, stop treating the world as though they are all stupid.
    One day it will pi55 on your bonfire. Oh, thats right, it is.
    The Worlds policemen? They couldnt stop a disabled pikey chav from scrumping apples from an orchard. History, believe it or not is longer than 200 years and some naughty men have a longer memory.

    Mr McGoo specs.
  10. What about the Stern Gang in Palestine during the 40s? And Rummy was flogging CBW tech to the Iraqis when they were fighting the Ayatollah in the 80s! Now Gadaffi (Q'dafy?) is our bestest mate for giving up WMDs he never had - he was itching to reach a settlement with the West during most of the 90s but it was not seen as convenient by the Spams at the time.

    Friendships (and enemyships) are negotiable and expendable, and all the talk about "not negotiating with terrorists" is b@llocks!

    Anyone who thinks the world has irrevocably changed since the 19th century is seriously deluded. :twisted:
  11. Thanks to their Chinese/NK friends they have been supplied with new ballistic missile technology. The Iranians will soon have the means to strike Berlin and other targets in the 4000 - 6000 km range. If the Chinese provide them with the technology to create a nuclear warhead for their ballistic missiles then they will be able to pose an entire new level of threat to the world's oil supply and would be a greater threat to Israel.
  12. tom, do you believe that? If so, may I refer you to the readings of Stalin, Mao and any other non white, pickup driving nation.

    The USSR of old were a liberal state compared to the 'Regime Change' we know as the USA.

    Harsh but fair. Just who is brain washed?
  13. Flasheart yes I do believe the Iranians will soon be able to hit Europe. But I am not worried that Europe will be struck by an Iranian nuclear weapon because Europe will cave in to any Iranian demands and will toe the mad mulluha's line. Meanwhile the US will have our ABM system in place so Iranian ICMB's wont be much of a threat to CONUS. We will just have to worry about suit case nuclear bombs.
  14. tomy you are becoming very cynical, too much time on arrse I suspect