Iranian Embassy Siege Gunman may soon be released

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozgerbobble, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Set him free and send him home to face his fate

  2. Set him free and grant him asylum then slap a control order on him

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  1. Very tricky this one

    Is he a reformed character and has he served enough time?

    This issue has cropped up with very embarassing timing for Charles Clarke and Tony Blair given their neo-con obsession with Global Terror.

    What does seem certain is that if he is released and sent back home he will find himself dangling from a crane in fairly short order. On that basis can he rightfully claim asylum?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Release him for five minutes and then arrest him under the Terrorist Act for acting suspiciously like a terrorist. Lock him up again, this time with no trial and no reason given for why you did it.
  3. his terrorist organisation is probably defunct now that saddam has gone
    although theres probably a job waiting for him with the CIA if he fancys another crack at the mullahs
  4. He would probably prefer to rot in Belmarsh than be deported back to Iran
  5. I forsee a good line in after dinner speeches. Maybe even lecturing to new recruits at Hereford on what it is like to be on the receiving end of their handiwork and what is going through their mind when the charges go off!
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't we get him on ARRSE as a guest celebrity?
  7. This is ONE reason the UK needs a death penalty. That moron should have been hung by the gallows. Bring back public executions, I say...
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    umm...actually Phil, he's lucky to have kept breathing for the last 25 years....when the Hereford hooligans ID'd him as perp rather than victim they were only restrained from taking him back inside the building (and making it a clean sweep ) when someone pointed out they were on live national TV at that point....

    Scroll fwd to Fallujah 2004.....

    Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose 8)

    Le Chevre
  9. There also seems to be real divsion amongst the survivng hostages who can't agree on his fate. Some support his claim for freedom and others just want him to remain locked up.........

    Coming at a time when relations with Iran are at an all time low Charles Clarke will have to deal with it very carefully
  10. I'd personally bring back the death penalty specially for him, or derogate from the Human Rights Act and send him back to Iran as a "goodwill" gesture. I'm sure the Iranian security police would have some uses for him as a figure eleven for their car battery-powered scrotum-clamp.

    Failing that he could open up his own school for Crap Terrorists.

    As it is, he'll probably get a gig doing a column on Middle East politics for The Guardian or Indy.

  11. Nah...........let John Mcaleese, Robin horsfall and the boys finish the job they weren't allowed to in 1980 - save the taxpayer some money, Tap-tap 9mm 2z - nice 'n cheap.
  12. This is a tough one right enough; do we have any information on why the parole board will grant his release?

    My thinking is this....

    He has spent a lengthy prison sentence doing what? I want to know if this man has furthered himself and is in anyway shape or form a reformed character, we all hold political views and are willing to go to some levels to make them known Iran at the time was under a new and extreme form of government. Were his actions then the same as they would be now under the moderate rule Iran is now under?

    I fear there are too many questions we're unable to answer to make an informed comment on the fate of this individual.

    And what if we do, who do we apply it to and why? Justification of punishment is the sign of a civilised society.

  13. Bollox.

    He was one man of a terrorist group who sieged the Iranian Embassy. During which innocent men, who didn't deserve their fate (although by some accounts one relished it), were killed.

    The prisoner didn't give a fcuk about the hostages life, so why should anyone care about his?

    Ship him back to Iran. He is an asylum seeker by choice, ie the choice to take hostages. His decision, his fault, tough sh1t sunshine if you made the wrong one.

    He has also commited an offence on British soil, so again should be shipped back, as any other foreigner should be at the end of his sentance. (like those terrorist hostage takers from the aircraft recently, all living in rather nice 4 bed detached houses with cars and mobiles on the British tax payer).

    Just because he is sorry now, will not bring back the dead.

    "Now boarding at gate 4, Iranian Airways 4532."
  14. Ozgerbobble wrote

    "Nejad's lawyer, John Dickinson, of the law firm Irwin Mitchell, says that while his client has made real progress in prison the Government has shown no interest in helping him prepare for his release."

    Why should the Government give a rats ass? He is a foreigner, never paid any taxes and is a fcuking murdering terrorist, kidnapper to boot.

    I'm sure John Dickinson and the "law" firm Irwin Mitchell will make a tidy sum out of this though.

    Nejad should pay for his own ticket too!!!!
  15. The Parole Board will have looked at this case on an individual basis. They will have taken into consideration the character of the individual, the crime and any efforts he has made to become a reformed character. They then make recommendations to the Home secretary, who has the ultimate say in whether the individual is released or not. We, as servicemen (or former), tend to be slightly right wing in our outlook, but what do we know of this man except his crime? That is why we have the Parole Board. More about the Parole Board can be found at:

    Once he is released, he will probably be deported but should he be allowed to stay in the UK, he will be subject ot special rules, just like any other 'lifer' released on parole. The first point is that all 'lifers' are released on licence - this means they are released on licence to be supervised in the community. The aims of post-release supervision are to protect the public, prevent further offences and secure the rehabilitation of the offender. Prisoners are allocated a supervising officer in their home area who keeps in regular contact during the time spent in custody. The supervising officer discusses with the prisoner his or her plans for release, such as where they are going to live, if they need a hostel place, if they have any job plan or training needs. Prison-based probation staff will also assist with assessing any treatment or other development needs, such as addressing drug or alcohol-related offending - and any reoffending automatically attracts a custodial sentence.

    I am not saying that this system is right or wrong, but it appears to me that we can jump to conclusions without knowing all (or any) of the facts. For what it's worth, I think he should be packed of to Iran as soon as he is out the prison gates.

    Standing by for incoming.