Iranian Earthquake

Awful what happened over there, but you have to wonder why the so called "Western faithless devils" are the first to send aid and help to the devastated city of Bamm.
I suppose it's because the Arab states were so quick in offering aid when we had the devastating floods in Europe this year. :?
It is the sort of situation where we might actually get some good PR with the rag-heads!

Why not get some Field Hospitals over their sharpish (if they would accept them) and try and help the poor buggers.

They might realise we are not all the evil infadel!!
I've asked my local Council to arrange the shipping of 20,000 replacement Iranians from our Asylum stockpile.

Sorry, couldn't resist that one :oops:
Good to see a C-17 on the pan at Tehran , and the crew doing the full on hearts and minds thing. Interview with the co-ordinating Colonel was a masterclass in everything America does really well, and will probably achieve more in the coming weeks, than a drive from 1AD over the shatt-al-arab.

Nice one Spams :D
Surely the earthquake is simply the will of Allah, and thus the islamic Republic of Iran will not be requiring any outside help.
Is the quake not the work of Al Qaida :D
This from the Guardian:,12858,1113895,00.html

So why, despite the loss of 40,000 lives in the Gilan earthquake of 1990, had nothing been done? The same question was being asked back in the queue outside the clinic. Fariba Hemati told the Guardian what she thought of official efforts, "Our government is only preoccupied with slogans: 'Death to America', 'Death to Israel', 'Death to this and that'. We have had three major earthquakes in the past three decades. Thousands of people have died but nothing has been done. Why?"

The answer to Hemati is that, after a quarter of a century, Iran is still being ruled by a useless, incompetent semi-theocracy, which is fatalistic, complacent, unresponsive and often brutal. And such a system does not deliver to its citizens one fraction of what the Great Satan, for all its manifest faults, manages to guarantee to ordinary Americans.
The earthquake and resultant death toll was truly awful, no doubt of that. But the Guardian article that msr quoted points the way to greater change in Iran.

It's blindingly obvious that ordinary Iranians recognise that the Mullahs have had their day. Its only a matter of time before major change occurs there. How that will happen is a matter for further debate outside this thread, but it will not require Rumsfelds legions marching on Tehran - that much is clear. The inadequate response of the Iranian government and the freely given genorosity of the outside world (even if in some cases it was with one eye on the PR benefits) will not be lost on ordinary Iranians.
Will we be providing any Loggies/Medics/Airlift or Comms for this exercise?
There is indeed a race for the soul of Iraq. The problem is that the legacy of Khomenei has been racing to acquire nukes...and the worry is whether they have the restraint or sanity to control such a capability. Having demonised the West - specifically the US - as Satan incarnate, they are bound as true followers of God to battle that evil in any way possible...and Inhs'Allah - Gods Will - will see victory in the end.
Are we willing to allow such a regime to go nuclear? Chirac and Schroeder not so fussed - as having whored their wares to every rogue state going, they're unlikely to be the first target..or so they gamble.
Lets hope Iran turns to the light before we need to bring it to them.
get real someone asked why we did not send a Field Hospital or medics to Iraq... the ANSWER IS THERE AIN'T NONE TO SPARE! The AMS is strugggling to provide enough cover to support current OP's; so all you gobshite 'only spent a few years in' armchair losers should stop gobbing off. You lot, in my opinion, lost the right to espouse an opinion when you sacked it!! There are not enough medics of ANY skill level to go round so conserve your resources where you need them most. As big Rog the surgeon tried to explain to 'Bonkin Bosnia Bob' using an argument that closely resembled the following "we have only one operating table, would you rather see one of your soldiers die?" Slightly misqouted however the sentiment is clear.
Not only do we not have a field hospital (or any kit) to send to Iran, moving and setting it up doesn't happen quickly. As Letterwritingman says, we don't have the med resources to support current ops properly. Nor, indeed, do our service personnel get the medical support they deserve in UK, due to the decimation of the DMS.

Odd, really, when you think that one of the reasons given for the last lot of cuts was to enable us to better respond to humanitarian emergencies.....
ViroBono said:
Not only do we not have a field hospital (or any kit) to send to Iran, moving and setting it up doesn't happen quickly.
And as Letterwritingman also correctly points out, there are unsufficient staff. We cannot get appropriately qualified staff to man our place at the moment as everyone is either in the UK 'on a course' and therefore not deployable, or has fcuked off out of the army in disgust.

With reduced staffing levels meaning 16 hour days, no days off, no OSDs and tours extended in excess of 6 extra weeks at short notice, who can blame them? So much for three month tours for specialists!

Yes, I know that if I don't like it, I shouldn't have joined, and I should leave. I wish I hadn't, and I will asap. Far from disqualifying me from having an opinion on these matters, I think it's the only way to stay sane.

PS - Letterwritingman, I hate to be pedantic, but please sort out your apostrophe useage - it's driving me bonkers! (Or should that be bonker's?). You may find the book 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' by Lynne Truss very interesting and helpful in your letterwriting future.

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