Iranian drone plane buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 2, 2006.

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  2. yeah and my aunt fanny won WWII...
  3. I remember when Matteus Rust (sp) flew his Cessna through the old soviet AD system to land in Red Square without being detected once. He accidentally used the holes in the old Warsaw pact air defence network which NATO would have exploited should WW III ever kick off. The downside of it all is the the reds then plugged the gaps after getting a few heads to roll.
  4. The Iranians really are asking for a war if this is true....
  5. Touchy arent we?^
  6. Baghdad Bobs brother Tehran Terry thought this one up.
  7. I believe the word is 'Yagshemash'.
  8. May be thats what Baghdad Bob is doing now he is retired from his previous media job "there are no americans in baghdad" "we have them right where we want them" etc etc he could be showing the Iranians how to do the bizarre style of news conference.
  9. That's odd. The Air Force doesn't have planes on Navy carriers and US carriers in the gulf generally have two planes flying CAP (combat air patrol) at all times. Why would any fighters need to be 'scrambled' to intercept anything if they're constantly in the air anyway?

    Who knows, maybe it was the rumored new stealthy Iranian UAV:

  10. Sounds like the Ayatollahs are into some serious drugs :cyclopsani: - if they want to get up close to the spams they might have more luck with one of their 'kilo' class diesel-electrics

  11. yeah ... its made by TAMYA and cost £30 ..... you can get them on ebay :) if it works ....
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Still - major coup for the Iranians to actually fly a potentially hostile aircraft all over a US carrier without being noticed for 25 mins, and get away with it - which they did.

    Next one might even be armed . . .
  13. 4 Years old?!!!!

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