Iranian Chieften Upgrade

Whilst having a look around last night for some reports on how the Chieften performed in the Iran/Iraq war I came across this video:

I was aware that some of their Chieftens had had an upgrade in 2006 and renamed the Mobarez, but I'm wondering if this is a more recent video.
It seems a lot of the old solid state electronics are being swapped out and a new barrel fitted(?). I also note that their exhaust is mounted on the side of the vehicle by the front of the engine bay and not on the rear like ours did. The rear of the vehicle has a large box structure fitted to it (any ideas what this is, anyone?) instead.
I was also interested to see the condition of the tanks pre-upgrade. These look in just the same condition as ones we used to dump on ranges or take for disposal (after being left somewhere for many years with zero attention paid to them), so I get the impression the Iranians are not exactly upgrading them as such, but are totally refurbishing them from older machines which haven't been operational in many, many years.
A sign of sanctions biting perhaps?
Also of note is that according to this - Mobarez tank - Wikipedia - They have managed to fit a new engine in it. It's a bit of a shame the details on the page are very sketchy.
Just found some more footage here (apologies for the low quality) which show the turret interior towards the end:

Anyway, I thought this may be of interest to some of you, and just what use these may be to the Iranians (especially in such low numbers) is anyones guess.
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