Iranian AFV Rec

More bluff and bluster

Why would you parade an armoured vehicle, with a crew member, on the back of a low loader. How Ally is that?

However, if they don't actually work.....
Is the Chiefy not a Khalid?

Possibly something they captured in the past, poss off our old allies the Iraqi's?

I believe we also sold Khalids to Jordan, if i remember it was basically a Chiefy with a CR1 engine, though those back decks look similar to a Leopard.


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Dont think the Jordanians have sold anything military to the Iranians??? Not best of buddies really.
Gave me a warm feeling the other day to see the Colonel of the Light Dragoons * speaking to Obama at the Israel / Palestine peace talks.

* King Abdulla of Jordan
there not real cvrt are they, 4 road wheels as apposed to 5. and look how big the gadgie is compared to the spartan looky likey, it 3/4 of the size. the mbt is a Khalid mk1 with add on armour, i think. probably bought of pakistan when they upgraded to the Khalid type 2000 which is a chinese type 90. but then i'm no spotter

YouTube - Rise Pakistan - Al Khalid Tank - Pakistan Army

they now have these


Bloke up top on the Scorpion has got one of the old "Vices" on his head, could never get comfortable wearing one of those (I have a pinhead as well)


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