Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shadowfar, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Don't give me abuse or anything i just clearly want to know whether were going to end up bombing the shit out of or go to war with Iran??
  2. Only if the Israelies don't beat us to it!
  3. ask george
  4. Only if we recruit, train and equip another 50000 overnight
  5. why another 50,000??

    I dont't think Iran have the balls to declare war on us or attack us,they just want to push our buttins and then let us do all the shouting.Thats what i think anyway.
  6. Cant bomb the out of Iran without going to war with them. As todays kidnapping of Brit soldiers show, they are not Iraq.

    Would I be wrong in assuming that this has to be the largest number of Brits to give up without a fight since at least Falklands (if not WW2?)
  7. still doesn't beat that fcuk up that jimmy Carter made worse with his "rescue" mission though........... and there was a fight for the falklands actually
  8. At least Carter had the balls to try a rescue mission.

    Too much ado about nothing. The Marines will be realesed soon. The Iranians are probably poring over captured documents even as we speak and working on prototypes of captured equipment.
  9. might of had the balls but didn't have to the toys..
  10. I know it's the naafi not CA, and flame me if you like, but Flash and PTP pointed out that talking about this stuff (even, I imagine, in fun) could put lives at risk. Is it worth it?
  11. what do you mean put lives at risk,im not following you?
  12. Check your pms

    Edited to add link
  13. ahh gotcha. cheers for tht.
  14. So basically, shut the fuck up until you're told you can talk about it.
  15. Oh Christ, we've given the secret of the Rigid Raider and the L85A2 to the Iranians. :frustrated:

    What documents do you think the Iranians will be poring over? MOD F90s or POW cards? Or do you think one of the Marines was carrying the plans for Persian Freedom with him?