Ostensibly about a fuel price hike, the protests in Iran have turned political and now the leader of the opposition is saying Khamenei is comparable to the Shah, mentioning a 1978 massacre which led to the Shah's leaving and Khomeini becoming 'supreme leader' in 1979:
Mousavi’s comments about Khamenei, the highest authority in the Islamic Republic, were posted in a statement on the opposition Kaleme website. He made a reference to an infamous 1978 massacre which rallied public support and led to the toppling of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

“The killers of the year 1978 were the representatives of a non-religious regime and the agents and shooters of November 2019 are the representatives of a religious government,” he said. “Then the commander in chief was the Shah and today, here, the Supreme Leader with absolute authority.”

He called on the government to “pay attention to the repercussions of the Jaleh square killings” of 1978.
No official figures have been released but AI put it at 161 which is disputed by the regime:
Iran has given no official death toll, but Amnesty International has said that at least 161 people have been killed. Tehran has rejected this figure.
Khamenei describes the protests and violence as a 'very dangerous conspiracy' blaming 'thugs' linked to the 'usual suspects' eg the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia:
Khamenei has described the violence as the work of a “very dangerous conspiracy”. The Tehran government has blamed “thugs” linked to its opponents in exile and the country’s main foreign foes, namely the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Exemplifies the differences imo. Rouhani is asking for any unarmed protesters in the fuel hike demo's to be released. You'd have thought a President would have that kind of power. However, in Iran.........:
“Religious and Islamic clemency should be shown and those innocent people who protested against petrol price hikes and were not armed ... should be released,” Rouhani said in a televised speech.
Salami CIC of the IRGC (the real 'power behind the throne') is again suggesting this is outside influencers of US, Israel and KSA:
Iran’s clerical rulers have blamed “thugs” linked to its opponents in exile and the country’s main foreign foes - the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“The aim of our enemies was to endanger the existence of the Islamic republic by igniting riots in Iran ... But America and the Zionist regime (Israel) lack political wisdom about Iran and Iranians,” said chief commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Hossein Salami in a televised speech.
Allegedly 208 protesters killed and 7,000 arrested, albeit both figures are disputed ie the regime have given no official death toll and an allegation of 7,000 arrests by a 'law maker' (MP) has been rejected by the judiciary:
Tehran has given no official death toll, but Amnesty International said on Monday it had documented the deaths of at least 208 protesters, making the disturbances the bloodiest since the 1979 uprising that swept Shi’ite clerics to power.

A lawmaker said last week that about 7,000 protesters had been arrested. The judiciary has rejected the figures.
Allegedly 8 x CIA linked people have been arrested:
The Intelligence Ministry said last week that at least eight people linked to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been arrested during the unrest, which was snuffed out last week by a security crackdown.
Obviously Rouhani wants the sanctions lifted before discussions. The US say that the ballistic missile programme, nuclear work and proxy wars should end before the sanctions are lifted:
“If America lifts the sanctions, we are ready to talk and negotiate, even at the level of heads of the 5+1 countries (major powers),” Rouhani said.
Washington has ruled out lifting sanctions unless Iran further curbs its nuclear work, ends its ballistic missile programme and its regional proxy wars.
This is leading up to a serious Iranian provocation, possibly involving Israel and or the USA.

The leadership desperately need internal attention focussed outside.

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