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  1. It seems the global propoganda machine is on full throttle, preparing us for a strike against the 'new enemy.'


    Despite the vast majority of the population seething against Ahmadinejad and his phonies, it's all about the demonisation of what is probably one of the most advanced cultures in the middle east, although having some of the most ridiculous laws.

    My take on things is that the western powers want to destabilise the Iranian government with a strike, or civil war. Forcing the Iranians to appoint a moderate or pro-western president who can lift the current sanctions. Then the oil will start to flow...

  2. Nothing would make "I'm a Dinner Jacket" happier than a US or UK strike at the moment. It would give him a rallying call to unite the country against the Great Satan.

    In fact the more internal problems they face the more we will see Iran trying to force a confrontation. Let's hope are wise enough to stay well clear and let Iran implode without our interference.

    Hold on - elections looming, Brown's renowned wisdom, Obama's ratings plunging, great need for the big men to be seen to be doing something important and world changing. Oh sh!t - better start dusting down those dessie boots again.
  3. Good point, on reflection it will be 50/50 that they will unite behind him, or string him up. Lucky for them. Has anyone thought of an excuse to lynch Brown...if you needed one?
  4. I'm never quite sure what to believe in the news, but the more and more I read into Iran, the more I feel that it's about to kick off any second. I think the only reason that Ahmadinejad is getting away with this sort of "sabre rattling" at the moment is because we don't have the manpower to do anything.

    If/when we start to withdraw resources from AFG, then I think he will start to quiet down.
  5. The Iranians were on the verge of kicking the Ayatollahs into touch back in 1980 when the Americans decided to get Sadaam to attack Iran as they were sulking about the Embassy Fiasco… and the result?

    The population rallied round the flag and the Ayatollahs took the opportunity to murder tens of thousands of opposition rivals claiming they were on the side of the 'enemies of the Revolution' and were able to consolidate their power base.

    Moving on smartly 30 years and the Septics seem hell bent of repeating the mistake.
  6. Iran is ripe for a coup, we don't want to give them a common enemy to unite against.
  7. No chance not with Obama in power, he doesn't have the balls. Yemen will be taking his interest at the moment. Should be easy enough to launch a strike there.
  8. The Iran regime is vile, the theotocricy is vile but the people are great. Lets hope that they have their revolution, kick out the vile black wearing ayatollahs and return to the civil world. Their women are all desperate for a good feck by this time
  9. Iran will push the west, as it's doing, by being confrontational and broadcasting much propaganda about such incidents. Violation of Iranian waters, the west causing trouble and trying to start a civil war etc.

    Reminiscent of Galtieri and his Junta before the invasion of the Falklands when he became a National saviour - for a short time at least.
  10. Agreed, and Rolling Around On Floor thingy... feck.
  11. I think the Iranians are not bad people as a whole, its the mentally ill folk at the top that sadly letting the country down. (bit like us really) we are not bad folk just run by morans

    is the UK over stretched, not really, just badly managed which gives the impression we are where we are.
    are we ready for a fight (no) we need a reason, and sadly there is no real reason as nobody has invaded us (apart from a few of our country men and women getting caught up in some political sabre rattling in other countries) not ours.

    Israel will probably do something daft, and thats where we will see some real trouble as we will not be prepared for what ever they do, at the moment this sabre rattling at arms length is safe enough.
  12. If Israel were to do something stupid, which I would doubt they would without getting the backing from the US first it will be an interesting time to see which way the Middle East countries will fall and also if countries like Libya would also get involved.

    Overall I think the noise coming from Iran's leaders is to try and rally a common enemy to stop their country falling into civil war and revolution. Which if it does will suck the US in to funding the rebels secretly and hoping for a pro-US leadership when it is over. It would also depend on the Russian influence as they would not want to lose a country that they sell a lot of hardware to.

    I think Yemen will be the flash point over the next 12 months the current security breach and the fact that Saudi have been trying to bomb the rebels as well will give kudos to the US in the fact it is helping an important ally in the fight against terror. I think US groundforces will be in Yemen by March.

  13. your right on a couple of points, and i agree, the key issue is Israel are ready to rock and roll, and will be less patient than the G1 debarkle
  14. My bold: I am not sure thats quite true, many of the Iranian (Persian) people I spoke to whilst I was there during the first 7 months of this year are openly hoping for intervention. The problem is that Dinner Jacket and the mad Mullahs have such a tight grip on the country via their armed forces and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and their militias, that any spontaneous internal attempts at overthrowing the current regime would be ruthlessly put down. As we saw after the elections.