Iran warns US as missiles test-fired

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by conory, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. Iran has test-fired nine missiles as a warning to the US and Israel that it is ready to retaliate if attacked over its nuclear programmes.

    Iran's Shahab-3 rocket has a range of approximately 1,200 miles and Revolutionary Guards air force commander Hossein Salami said his country has thousands of missiles ready to be fired at "pre-determined targets".


  2. Hussein Salami?

    Sounds like a butcher....
  3. 1200 miles puts it well within range of cyprus and NATO countries such as Greece and Turkey as well as Isreal. Map

    Seems to me like some Iranian chest beating by Ahmadinejad, still a bit concerning though. Is the shaved chimp likely to go for one final push before he gets hurled from office? More to the point, will we follow if he does (not sure with whom of course)?
  4. My guess is that Israel will either go for Iran without further ado, or possibly launch a false-flag op to kick-start the US into attacking. They all seem hell-bent on a war one way or the other.
  5. Seconded. The Israelies always believe in getting thier retaliation in first...

  6. Bet he's a fcuking riot to be around 8O
  7. Hahaha, one of the pic's the revolutionary guards handed out to the media has turned out to be photoshopped :lol:
  8. Put it this way. If Iran is developing nukes, I think we all have a right to be scared. One of you mentioned about Israel will want retaliation first.

    Well here is a quote by "Athenogoras of Syracuse" (Ancient Greek philospher)
    "If a man does not strike first, he will be the first struck."

    I can see why Israel want to attack Iran, I for one wouldn't like Iran as my next door neighbours. It's bad enough with the French, though they we are allies so thats not so bad.

    Back on topic (again)
    As you know Iran has

    1. Taken 20 british service personell hostage from international waters (in total (5 + 5))
    2. Threatened to sink a US Battleship
    3. Developing enriched uranium for peaceful processes. Is that for power or to nuke the rest of world that is non-muslim.
    4. Launched test missiles capable of reaching cyprus.

    Ok I am scared.
  9. Or is this just all one MAHOOSIVE US conspiracy to get the Poles to sign up for a shiny new ABM base?
  10. That wouldnt surprise me.. however. We would then have the Russians to deal with. As you already know the RAF, have been rather busy in the north sea intercepting Russian bomber patrols.
  11. The sooner iran gets turned to glass the better. It's not if the West has to do it but when. Either nuke it or use non persistant nerve agent.
  12. "If attacked we will strike back". I bet that sounds familiar to any Russians who're old enough to remember the Cold War. Isn't that exactly what we said to them?

    Ah, but we're the good guys? Of course. I forgot, for a moment.
  13. Presumably based upon the huge success of Israel's last war in Lebanon.

    I still wonder whether, given the success of MAD in preventing the Cold War turning hot, a greater degree of parity in the Middle East would create increased stability. Notwithstanding Iran's mentalist attitude on many things, I don't see them committing mass suicide.

    Acordingly, I am not sure I am a great deal more worried about a nuclear Iran than a nuclear Israel/Pakistan/India etc.
  14. Of course, the Cold War MAD nuclear strategy was based on the premise that both sides were rational actors in international affairs, not so sure if Islamic Iran falls into that camp!