Iran war likely in 2 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Romeo_47, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. According to the paper it says that Bush's consultants say war with Iran is very possible as they predict that Iran will send in it's army into Iran to stop American troops and they also say Britain will be backing the USA. According to a website it says the Americans has a war ship on standby.
  2. :?
  3. Goodness who'd have thought it.

    There is a carrier battle group not a warship standing by.
  4. Is that some kind of mass blue on blue?

    Sounds pretty bad.

  5. Two I believe!
  6. Sorry i meant they will send there troops into Iraq.
  7. Thats according to the papers they boast about something too much.
  8. If you had seen the amount of speeling mistakes I have made. :pc:

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  10. Yup, U.S. are currently in the process of mobilising further troops for the task of taking Iran. Prob going to happen sooner rather than later to. Look out for Iran being in the press more and more, until it reaches a peak an the US go in. But, I dont think we will be sent in somehow!
  11. I remain completely unconvinced that anyone is going to war with Iran. The public in both the US and Britain will never swallow it. Wars are far too expensive in terms of life and finance and we already have two theatres on the go.

    I can't remember the dates but isn't 2008 when George Bush's second term runs out? Does anyone seriously think that Iraq will be finished by then and that America will let him start another theatre as he leaves office?

    The sabre-rattling against Korea has died down a bit recently hasn't it?
  12. Goodie - more ragheads for slotting.
  13. It has already started. The arrest of the Iranian diplomats last week was no coincidence. It is the first part in preparing the American public for the inevitable. Mass and coordinated demonisation of the Iranian regime has already started in earnest. It is expected to reach a peak in in the next six months.

    Also expect the US to find a "smoking gun" linking the Iranians directly to either killing of GIs in Iraq or a plot to commit a terrible act in the American homeland.

    Another route that is under consideration is to have Israel carry out a preemptive air strike on a nuclear reactor in Iran. Then the US will 'reluctantly' be drawn in to the war.

    There is also another rumour (still under serious consideration) that the president might invoke executive power to "delay" the '08 elections because it might disrupt the war effort.

    Don't ask how I know this and you shall be told no lies.
  14. Drudge Report 6 January: Sunday Times (UK) to have a big story on Israeli plans to use tac nukes against Iranian nuclear facilities.
  15. COULD BE LESS THAN TWO YEARS, according to some analysts.....

    Mr Logic makes perfect sense, but below is a link to an important article in this week's Spectator magazine.

    The whole thing is available on the link, but, in a nutshell, Douglas Davis argues that the Israelis are already considering the nuclear option to stop Iran from "mastering the fuel cycle" and producing nukes.

    He suggests that: "within the next 12 months, the Americans or the Israelis, possibly both, are likely to launch military strikes aimed at crippling Iran's nuclear ambitions. Those strikes may come sooner, rather than later. And they will probably be nuclear".

    All to do with the ability of neutron bombs, of which Israel has plenty, to bust even the bunkers that BLU-113s and their siblings cannot touch.

    It's an interesting piece and well worth a read IMHO. It's quite long, which is why I haven't cut and pasted the whole thing here.