Iran: Uranium Enrichment Plant Underground

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCSignals, Mar 7, 2005.

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  2. i am highly suspicious as their intentions
  3. I understand the yanks have or are suppling Isreal with depth penatrateing Bunker Busting Bombs.
  4. I understand the Israelis have 20+ TacNukes.

    Funny how no one makes a song and dance about those?
  5. Well if the bullies on the block want to run you out of town, you need an equalizer. Israel has theirs. The Iranian's are trying to get there's. The Israelis are alot more responsible than the Iranians are.
  6. I understood that the upper limit of the Israelis deliverable arsenal was circa 350 devices falling to around 80 at the lower end of the estimates.

    Nobody, at least nobody that's releasing in the public domain seems quite sure.

    Some estimates go higher even.
  7. have a word with yourself tom :p
  8. WTF do you need 350 devices for?

    That's enough to put the Middle East out of bounds until the 4th coming 8O
  9. Where nukes are concerned, keeping the other side guessing is a big part of the game. A nuclear shell game. Which hole did I put my goodies ?
  10. Probably has to do with the direction in which they point. Most of the time anyway.
  11. cracking, when can we start?
  12. I believe that is the intent PTP.

    It's postulated by some that Israeli doctrine if attacked with special weapons from any source, is to respond by launching on every Arab city within their range. I believe it's known as the "Samson Option".

    Purely hypothetical of course but I wouldn't be at all surprised.
  13. You're assuming Middle East is the only target area.

    Check out "The Samson Option" by Seymour Hersh.

    He claims that Israeli strategic capability included attack on targets in the USSR.
  14. Wonderful.

    'On the Beach' by Neil Shute . Depressing fiction or insightful masterpiece a la 'The crash of '79' :cry:
  15. We've got 192 on the books at the moment and the capacity for considerably more if called for.

    It could be argued we've rather less to be worried about than the hebrew speaking chaps.